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Q: What does the "R" mean in the Schedule of Classes?

A:  "R" means Thursday! We know this is a pain point for first-time users of our Scheduling system. For you tech wonks out there wanting to know more, our internal Banner system only has a one-letter field for "Days" that classes meet. "T" is taken by Tuesday. So our college uses "R" for Thursday.

Q: If I am already a current student in tuition-free system, why can I only register online for the first half of the semester and not the second half?

A: The current tuition-free system does not allow students to register online for the same course twice in a single semester without a manual override in the main office. (We are working very hard to fix this and may have a solution by Spring 2019). If you are registering online, you are able to register for any courses except repeats. Therefore, for example, the second session of the same course must be added in person. If you are registering in person, then you can register for as many courses as you like, including as many repeats as you like. 

Q: If I want to take free courses, do I need to apply if I have already been taking fee-based (paid) courses?

A: Yes. The free courses are offered through a completely separate system. If you have only been a fee-based student, then you will need to apply and register for courses in the free system.

Q: I am traveling at the moment, and unable to get the link to apply. Help!

A: Our application link is unavailable if you are attempting to apply online outside of California. When you get back home, you can try again. Once you have applied and are ready to register, you can register from anywhere inside or outside California!

Q: I have applied to the tuition-free system, and I am in my pipeline account. Why can't I add a course?

A: There could be several reasons why, but the main reasons are that either (1) registration may not be open yet for you; or (2) There is some sort of hold on your account. We encourage everyone to apply early, and get ready to register once registration opens. Please check with Admissions and Records office or come to Schott or Wake campuses. 

Q: Your application is too lengthy and invasive. Can we change it to just require a name and address?

A: As of 2017, the paper application was reduced to a simple, single page with only seven (7) questions asking for the minimum information required by the State of California in order ot allow us to offer free classes. The online application is similar, but if you are looking for simplicity, please enroll in person at either Wake or Schott Main Office using our one-page paper application.

Q: If I am unavailable to attend the application workshops, what can I do?


APPLICATION HELP: Click here for the simple step-by-step process (with accompanying screenshots) for APPLYING online.

REGISTRATION HELP: Click here for the step-by-step process (with accompanying screenshots) for REGISTERING online

Q: Do you have a listing of both tuition-free and fee-based courses?

A: Please click on the PDF in the left column menu to see the current Schedule of Classes or pick up the free print version at either Wake or Schott campus. All classes in the Schedule are tuition-free unless denoted by a dollar sign.

Q: Can I register for my friend?

A: No. We do not allow friends to register classes on behalf of another student. 

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