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John Proctor audition image

John Proctor is the Villain

By Kimberly Belflower

Directed by Sara Rademacher

Auditions open to all currently enrolled SBCC Students

See below for Audition Form and sides.

Audition Information

(The cast for this show is limited to enrolled SBCC students)

Production Content Warning Discussions of emotionally charged topics including statutory rape and unwanted sexual advances are integral to this story.  Please read the script before auditioning if you believe this may be triggering.    

Important Dates Auditions, rehearsals and performances will take place in the Jurkowitz Theatre, SBCC West Campus

Auditions:      Wednesday, September 20th 4pm - 8pm by appointment

(or by video submission by September 20th at 9pm)

Callbacks:      Tuesday, September 26th, beginning at 4pm

1st Rehearsal: Thursday, September 28th, 6-10pm

Performances: November 8- 18th, (Wednesday - Sunday performances)

Rehearsals: Rehearsals are organized around actor conflicts as much as possible. Typically rehearsals are held in the evenings and weekends, 15-20 hours per week with actors called and released as needed.

Synopsis & Character Breakdown

At a rural high school in Georgia, a group of lively teens are studying The Crucible while navigating young love, sex ed, and a few school scandals. Holding a contemporary lens to the American classic, they begin to question who is really the hero and what is the truth, discovering their own power in the process. Alternately touching and bitingly funny, this fast paced comedy captures a generation in mid-transformation, running on pop music, optimism, and fury, writing their own coming of age story.

Audition Requirements

Please choose and prepare the sides from your character of choice. Sides and forms are available at  A reader will be available at the auditions to read the other characters in your side. If time permits you may be asked to read another character, so you are encouraged to be familiar with all of the sides.

Please complete the Audition Form and bring it, along with your headshot and resume, with you to the audition.


Carter Smith Teacher, mid-30s, M, White. A former golden boy, but one of those rare smart and sensitive ones. Now he’s a great teacher: charming, engaging, goofy.

Shelby Holcomb Student, 16, F, Any race. Her brain works faster than her mouth, but her mouth works pretty dang fast. People have always underestimated her.

Beth Powell Student, 17, F, Any race. Nervous and ambitious and enthusiastic. Kind of like if Rory Gilmore and Paris Geller had a baby and raised her in the Deep South.

Nell Shaw Student, 16, F, POC.  From Atlanta. grounded and sincere. genuinely curious about things. a good judge of character, and a quick study.

Ivy Watkins Student, 17, F, Any race, but must be plausible that her dad is white. Fiercely loyal and always well-intentioned. From old Southern money. Resist the urge to play her as a mean girl.

Raelynn Nix Student, 16, Any race. The pastor’s daughter. A cheerleader type who’s always lived her life by other peoples’ standards. She was paying careful attention the whole time.

Mason Adams Student, 17, M, Any race. An athlete. He’s never really tried before, and he’s surprised by how good it feels. Earnest and affable.

Lee Turner Student, 16. M, White. A carhartt-wearing good ol’ boy. Deeply insecure and without the tools to deal with it. He’s always been good at getting what he wants.

Bailey Gallagher Counselor, 24, F, Any race. Sweet in all the ways Southern women are supposed to be. This is her first real job out of college, and she really cares about it.

If you have any questions you may contact the director at  For audition appointments contact Sara Rademacher at  More information, sides and forms at



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