ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS)

Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI) Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS)


The TEAS exam is required as part of the application process.  Only the first attempt of the current version, ATI TEAS (sixth version) is accepted.  TEAS Version 7 (seven) will be available starting June 2022. SBCC will continue to accept the sixth version through January 2023 and will also accept Version 7.   Version 7 will be required after the January 2023 application cycle. For information regarding Version 7, click here or check out the ATI Blog.

You must take the TEAS and have your results submitted as part of a completed application.  A minimum overall total score of 62% is required. 

  • We will accept only official results, submitted to SBCC directly from ATI.  Contact ATI and follow their process on how to have your results submitted to SBCC (they have our contact information).  To check to see if your results have been received, you may email Ivena at, please do not contact the Admissions Office. 

    SBCC accepts remotely-proctored TEAS exam results.

  • The first attempt of the ATI TEAS is the only one accepted, if an overall total score of 62% or higher is achieved.  The SBCC ADN program currently receives a grant from the California Community College Chancellor's Office.  The conditions of the grant require us to follow these regulations.  Therefore, additional TEAS attempts taken with the intent to raise an applicant's score are not accepted.  
  • If an applicant does not score a minimum overall total score of 62%, the applicant must contact Mary Sullivan to be given a remediation plan to follow, and show evidence of having completed the plan in order to retest.  If a student completes a remediation plan at a college other than SBCC, they must submit proof of completion of that to SBCC.
Sign up for a TEAS test

Starting June 3, 2022, only the TEAS Test Version 7 will be available.

  • Visit or Call 1-800-667-7531

    To search for a testing date, you will need to create an account on the ATI website.  SBCC accepts remotely-proctored TEAS exam results.

  • The TEAS test date for the July application cycle date has passed.
    Please check back periodically for the January application cycle TEAS test date(s).

    DSPS (Disability Services and Programs for Students ) Accommodations:

    • If you require additional test taking time, you must notify us at the time of signing up.
    • Submit your DSPS paperwork two (2) weeks prior to your test date. Letters from your doctor are not acceptable. You must submit documentation from your school's DSPS equivalent office.

    The TEAS test is offered free of charge as a courtesy to students who are applying to SBCC's ADN program.  

It is advisable to study for the TEAS; study materials are available for purchase from the ATI website