This page contains frequently asked questions regarding SBCC's ADN program.

Application and General Information
  • Applications are accepted during two (2) application cycles per year.

    • Fall cohort entry - January 15 through January 31
    • Spring cohort entry - July 1 through July 15


    If the final deadline falls on a weekend, the following Monday is the final date to submit your application.

  • Applications are currently being accepted via mail only. Please send your completed application to the mailing address below:

    Santa Barbara City College
    Health Technologies 
    721 Cliff Drive
    Santa Barbara, CA 93109

    Transcripts can be submitted along with your mailed application as long as they are in the original un-opened envelope you received from your previous school's Admissions & Records or Registrar's Office. Otherwise, you may have your transcripts submitted electronically to SBCC Admissions & Records. They must be received by the deadline of the application cycle.

  • Applicants will be notified via the email address provided on their application about 2-3 months after the application deadline.

  • Application evaluation results from applicants who are not selected for the specified entry cohort will be retained for a period of two (2) years from your original application date.

    If you wish for your application to be included during each subsequent application period, the applicant must submit the following information. All forms can be found on this page.

    1. New ADN Application
    2. New "Supporting Documentation" form
    3. "Intent to Be Included in Selection Pool" form
  • Yes. The dates and times can be found here.

  • Cost is estimated at about $6,500 for the entire program.

  • Visit the link below for a list of all prerequisites:

  • Yes. Grades must be posted on your transcript(s) at the time of application with a "C" or better. In progress courses at the time of application do not apply.
  • Yes. We will accept the highest grade earned. We do not average grades. We only accept coursework completed at regionally accredited institutions.
  • There are only a few circumstances that may be approved to allow a student to retake a class that they have already earned a "C" or better at SBCC. Please visit the following link for instructions:
  • Yes. The science prerequisites must have been completed within seven (7) years prior to the application date. This does not apply to the LVN-to-ADN applicants.
  • Please click on the pdf link below:
    ADN Multi-Criteria PDF
  • We only use a college level English Composition and Reading class, or the equivalent. We do not use any other college level English class.
  • Yes. Only a score of three (3), or higher, is accepted. We will use the AP score in place of a completed equivalent college class for the English Nursing prerequisite.
  • Yes. Only a score of three (3), or higher, is accepted. However, the AP score may need to be higher than a three (3) to show completion of fourth level/semester of a particular language. For example, for Spanish you would need an AP score of 5 for equivalency of SBCC Spanish 104.
  • No. Substandard letter grades "D," "F," and "FW" and No Pass (NP) are counted as repeats.
General Education (GE) Requirements
  • It is highly recommended to complete all general education (GE) requirements before you apply. If you are offered admittance, you will begin the program the following semester. It is not recommended to complete your general education (GE) requirements during the nursing program. There is no waitlist or deferment.
  • Please visit the link below for more information. 

    NOTE: There are some GE courses you can take which are specific to SBCC's ADN program: Soc 101 (Intro to Sociology) or Anth 103 (Cultural Anthropology); Psy 100 (Intro to Psychology); and, Comm 131, Comm 121, or Comm 141 (Oral Communication). Please review the general education information required for the Associate Degree at

  • Please visit ATI's website to sign up for the TEAS Test:

    Additionally, the SBCC ADN program will also offer a limited number of tests to students applying to the ADN program. Visit for more information as to when they are offered.

    NOTE: You will need to have ATI submit your TEAS Test result electronically to SBCC. TEAS results submitted by the student are not accepted.

  • Students must receive an overall TEAS Test score of 62%, or higher.

  • No. Results from the first TEAS attempt only are accepted, with an overall score of 62% or higher. If the overall score is below 62%, a remediation plan must be completed prior to retesting. Contact the ADN Program Director for a remediation plan after submitting the TEAS results. 

    *The SBCC ADN program currently receives a grant from the California Community College Chancellor's Office. The conditions of the grant require the SBCC ADN program to follow these regulations. The grant stipulates that the SBCC ADN program is required to accept the first ATI TEAS attempt only. Therefore, additional TEAS attempts taken with the intent to raise an applicant's score will not be accepted.

    • ATI TEAS (sixth version) is the accepted version for the January 2022 application cycle.
    • ATI TEAS and TEAS 7 (seventh version) will be accepted starting with the July 2022 application cycle. 
    • Only TEAS 7 will be accepted starting with the July 2023 application cycle.

    NOTE: Applicants will not be allowed to retake with the TEAS 7 test to try to get a higher score if they originally took the ATI TEAS test and passed with a 62%.