The Italian program offers a wide variety of courses for students in all its levels. ITAL 101 & 102 concentrate on the essentials of spoken and written language for the beginner. For the intermediate-level students, ITAL 103 review the basic structures and skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. ITAL 104 focus on further development development of those basic skills. They also involve research and discussion on cultural topics. In the speaking area, ITAL 120, 130 & 140 promote free and spontaneous oral expression in Italian in the beginning, intermediate and advanced level. For the advanced student who wishes to perfect his/her knowledge of the language, ITAL 150 & 160 include discussion of literary selections, vocabulary-building, composition and the study of more complex grammatical structures.


Italian Program Coordinator and Faculty

Portrait of Laura Gardinali

Laura Gardinali, Professor, French/Italian. B.A., Foreign Languages, Universita Degli Studi Di Bergamo; M.A., Ph.D., UC Santa Barbara 

Contact Information: 
Office H-316
(805) 965-0581 ext. 3458


 Carla Pattone

Carla Pattone, BA in Languages from University of Wisconsin. Master' Degree in English Language and Literature at the University of Pisa, Italy.

Contact Information:
Office H-312
(805) 965-0581 ext. 2406