Adjunct Participation

Santa Barbara City College
2023 - 2024 Adjunct Insurance High Deductible Plan

Participation of Credit Adjunct Instructors in SBCC Health Insurance Program can be found in Appendix C of the FA Agreement

Enrollment in the Adjunct High Deductible plan has specific requirements.  Must enroll during Open Enrollment or experience a qualifying event. Please refer to the FA Agreement above to see if you qualify at Tier I or Tier II.  You can read over the adjunct high deductible plan details here Summary of Benefits 

Please contact Sharon Remacle in Human Resources to confirm you meet the eligibility requirements to enroll in the Adjunct high 

ALL credit and ALL non-credit adjunct instructors have the opportunity to enroll in the Anthem Anchor Bronze PPO plan.  Read here for details.  

Bronze Plan (Summary of Benefits and Coverage)