Practicum Classes

HIT 275 HIT Practicum

  • Once registered for HIT 275, the instructor will email you to ask for 3-5 potential sites in your area. The email will be sent in December for the spring semester and in July for the fall semester.

  • Determine acute care hospital sites that are close to you and begin contacting the HIM Director or Manager to introduce yourself and inquire as to the possibility of them hosting your practicum. The email sent by the instructor will include details regarding the practicum and documents that should be shared with the sites so that they can make a decision. If the site is able to host or considering hosting a practicum, let them know that the instructor will be contacting them. The student will send contact information regarding the site to the instructor. The contact information should include hospital name, address, HIM Director/Manager name, phone number and email address if possible.

    : If you had a positive experience with your HIT 101 department tour, you may want to consider that facility as a possible site.

  • The student should first contact the HIM Director or Manager.

  • Yes, that is fine. However, the instructor will be contacting all registered students in the prior semester or summer before the start of the semester.

  • Students are allowed to complete their HIT practicum at their place of employment if they are not paid for the practicum hours and they are not performing their daily job duties as part of the practicum.  For example, a coder would be able to complete all of the practicum functions and projects at his/her place of employment, IF they perform functions other than coding and do not get paid.

  • No. The accrediting agency, CAHIIM, requires on site practicum hours be completed.  These hours are to be performed outside of job responsibilities in a non-paid environment.  Students who have HIM experience still need to complete the required practicum hours; however, they may do so in a non-traditional way.  For example, the non-traditional student can complete HIM-related projects, visit other HIM-related departments, participate in a supervisory/managerial type setting, etc.

  • The student is required to complete a total of 100 hours for the practicum. Students are required to complete a minimum of 60 hours on site at a health care facility.  In addition, a minimum of 40 hours must be completed virtually in the Canvas course.  The virtual practicum in the Canvas course includes the use of the AHIMA Virtual Lab and EHRGo.

HIT 280 Coding Practicum

The HIT 280 Coding Practicum class is fully online. Students complete online projects and code health records via an online course platform. 

CIM 275 CIM Practicum

  • CIM 275 is offered in the fall and spring semesters. You should contact the practicum instructor via email the semester prior to enrolling in CIM 275. The instructor will provide you with more specific information about the expectations and nature of the practicum in the email response. This email will include the details of the practicum as well as the practicum handbook which outlines exactly what must be included in the practicum activities. You will want to provide any potential site supervisor with a copy of the handbook. This will aid the site in making the decision.

    1. Go to the Find an Accredited Cancer Program link on the Commission on Cancer website to find an accredited facility.
    2. Enter your city, state, zip code and radius (5 to 50 miles). Click the “Start Search” button.
    3. The search results will appear, along with the distance from the zip code you provided. If you click on the “detail” button next to the name of one of the facilities listed, the address, phone number and website of that facility will come up.
    4. Go to the facility’s website and find the contact information for the cancer registry.
    5. Email the registry office to introduce yourself and inquire as to the possibility of them hosting your practicum. You should individualize this email template when you contact the site.  
    6. If the site is willing to host your practicum, let the potential site supervisor know that your instructor will be contacting them. At that point, you will send the instructor the contact information regarding the site including the hospital name and address, as well as the phone number and email address of the CTR who will be supervising the clinical practicum.

      If you had a positive experience with your CIM 100 site visit, you may want to consider that facility as a possible site.
  • The student should first contact the CTR who will be supervising the clinical practicum using the information provided in items 1 and 2 above.

  • Yes, that is the best way to ensure everything is ready for your practicum prior to the semester in which you plan to complete your practicum begins.

  • Yes. Students may complete the practicum at a facility where they work.

  • Yes.

  • You are required to complete 160 hours for your practicum class. If placed at the beginning of the semester, that is 10 hours per week. The schedule is determined by the student and the site. Most sites require students to be available weekdays during the day shift, although there are limited opportunities to do a portion of the practicum remotely and/or on weekends.

  • The NCRA currently allows 7 hours to be completed through the CDC Cyber Cancer Registry Casefinding Module and 42 hours (15 abstracts) through the SEER*Educate website.