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Looking for experience in a field? Doing an Internship could be the right choice.

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All About Internships

Secure an internship 

Start your internship search by taking advantage of the Career Center's resources. 

As a student, you have lots of options at your fingertips to help you find an internship that is right for you. In addition to valuable job experience, successful completion of an internship provides you with references from an employer for future jobs, or for applications to four-year or other educational institutions you may transfer to in order to continue your education.

Defining Your Goals

Defining your purpose and goals, and knowing what the expectations are from an employer give you a greater chance of success to gain the knowledge and experience that you seek.

  • Some questions to ask yourself are:

    1. What types of experience do I want to gain?
    2. In which industry do I want to make contacts?
    3. Do I need to be paid or receive academic credit?
    4. What is the ideal length of time and location?

    Some action steps to take are:
    Make a list of your top 5-10 companies or organizations for which you would like to work.
    Get to know someone at the organization(s).
    Do an information interview.
    Make contact and follow up through email, phone calls or in person.

  • Wages, a stipend, or payment in-kind may be offered to the student intern at the employer's discretion. Academic credit is not a legal requirement for internships. Some workplaces may stipulate that in order to have a student intern they must be registered for an internship or work experience course.
    Internships and the Fair Labor Standards Act

  • A general work experience class or a department-specific internship class is how you can complete a college-supervised internship and receive credit for it. 
    General Work Experience 290

Finding an Internship

Job & Internship Fairs: Fairs are hosted by the Career Center in the fall and spring. Dozens of local and regional employers attend the SBCC Job and Internship Fairs with jobs and internships for SBCC students.

On-Campus Recruiters: Employers occasionally individually table on campus in order to meet directly with students. You can also check the tables in front of the cafeteria or on the West Campus walkways for employers or organizations looking for interns.

Internship.comJob Connection, Google, Indeed and LinkedIn: There are great websites for your internship search. Filter your searches by choosing "internships" and other criteria related to your needs.

Information Interviews: An information interview is a powerful networking tool to use in yur search for an internship. Learn about the purpose of an information interview, how to set up one, plus sample scripts and questions and more!