Barry Tanowitz

Contact Information:
  • office phone: 805-730-5178
  • email:
  • office: EBS 306
  • BMS 107: Human Anatomy
  • BMS 108: Human Physiology
  • BMS 119: Human Dissection

In 2003, Barry was hired as an adjunct instructor by SBCC to teach anatomy and physiology and in 2006 he was hired as a tenure track instructor.  Barry is the lead faculty for the human dissection program at SBCC.

Prior to 2003, Barry worked as a lecturer at UCSB (1983-2000) at also at Westmont (2002-2004).  During his years at UCSB Barry earned many outstanding teaching and teacher of the year awards. For many years Barry was also the Director of Science Education at the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden.  Barry has a B.A. in Zoology (UC Los Angeles, 1971), a M.A. in Botany (UCSB, 1977) and a Ph. D in Biology (UCSB, 1980). 

Selected Publications
The differential germination responses of ray and disc achenes of Hemizonia increscens (Asteraceae)

Taxonomy of Hemizonia sect. Madiomeris (Asteraceae: Madiinae)

Carbohydrate Analysis of Floral and Extra-floral Nectars in Selected Taxa of Sansevieria (Agavaceae)