Faculty and Staff

You'll be spending at least three hours a week with your instructor so look for someone whose teaching style is in sync with your learning style.  Click on the instructor's name to learn a little more about him or her.

Full Time Faculty Phone Office Classes Taught
* = offered online at least once/year
Peter Aguilar
More about Peter
805.730.4121 EBS-315 BMS 107: Human Anatomy *summer
BMS 108: Human Physiology
* = offered online in Summer
Faculty Advisor: Biomedical Sciences
Blakely R. Barron
More about Blake
805.730.4244 EBS-322 BIOL 102: Animal Biology
BMS 136: Biology of Human Sexuality*
* = offered online in Summer
Faculty Advisor: Biology
Jennifer Betancourt
805.730.4123 EBS-324 BIOL 103: Cell & Molecular Biology
Robert H. Fischer
More about Robbie
805.730.8780 EBS-323 BMS 127: Medical Microbiology
Larry Jon Friesen

BIOL 110: Natural Science*,
BIOL 112: Evolution*,
BIOL 120: Natural History*, 
BIOL 122: Ecology*, 
BIOL  123 Ecology Lab*, 
BIOL 140: Principles of Biology*,
BIOL 141 Biology Lab*, 
ZOOL 122: Animal Diversity*,
ZOOL 124: Insect Biology*,
ZOOL 137: Ornithology,
ZOOL 140: Animal Behavior
* = offered online at least once/year
Faculty Advisor: Natural History

Matthew C. Kay
More about Matt
805.730.5172 EBS-307 BOT 100: Concepts of Botany
BOT 122: Flowering Plant Identification (spring only)
BOT 123: Field Botany (fall only) 
Jennifer L. Maupin
More about Jen
805.730.4196 EBS-321 BIOL 101: Plant Biology
BIOL 112: Evolution & Adaptation
BIOL 120: Natural History
Michelle Paddack
More about Michelle
805.730.4128 EBS-320 BIOL 124: Biological Oceanography
BIOL 125: Marine Biology
BIOL 130: Methods in Field Biology
BIOL 142: Marine Science
ENVS 110: Humans and the Biological Environment
Patty Saito
More about Patty
805.730.4316 EBS-319 BMS 100: The Human Body*
BMS 107: Human Anatomy*
BIOL 100: Concepts of Biology
Barry Tanowitz
More about Barry
805.730.5178 EBS-306 BMS 107: Human Anatomy*
BMS 108: Human Physiology*
Eric Wise
More about Eric
805.730.4317 EBS-305 BIOL 101: Plant Biology*
BMS 146: Human Form & Function*
BMS 146L : Human Form & Function Lab*

Faculty Advisor: Biology
Daniel Zarate
805.730.4129 EBS-125-B BIOL 100: Concepts of Biology

Faculty Advisors 
Biological Sciences: Blakely Barron (EBS-322, 805.730.4244) and Eric Wise (EBS-324, 805.730.4317)
Bio-Medical Sciences:  Peter Aguilar (EBS-315, 805.730.4121)
Natural History:  Larry Jon Friesen (EBS-324, 805.730.4111) for online students and Jennifer Maupin (EBS-321, 805.730.4196 for on-campus students.

Part Time Faculty Classes Taught
Gregg Afman
BMS 107: Anatomy labs
Lisa Belluzzi
BIOL 100: Concepts of Biology
Erin Calkins
BIOL 100: Concepts of Biology
Bob Cummings
BOT 121: Plant Diversity
Jim Doohan

Bio 100: Concepts of Biology
Bio 103: Cell & Molecular Biology lab
BMS 108: Human Physiology
Hisaya Fukui
ZOO 122: Animal Diversity
ZOO 123: Animal Diversity Lab
Michelle Kowalewski
BIOL 100: Concepts of Biology
ZOO 110: Animal Physiology
Samin Moham
BMS 128: Human Nutrition
Heather Rose
BMS 108: Human Physiology
Monifa Williams
BMS 107: Human Anatomy Lab

Please leave a message for a part time instructor at the Biology Office, EBS 212, or 805.730.4111
Staff & Administration
Department Chair:
  Peter Aguilar (EBS-315, 805.730.4121)
Biology Office:  Chelsea O'Connell (EBS-212, 805.730.4111) & Sue Williams (EBS-213, 805.730.4193)
Senior Lab Technicians: Alyssa Barbosa (EBS-333, 805.730.4184), Cecilia Contreras (EBS-218, 805.730.3438), Christine Melvin (EBS-218, 805.730.4127), Jennifer Wachholz (EBS-333, 805.730.4119) 
Dean for the Sciences: Jens-Uwe Kuhn (A-113, 805.965.0581 ext. 4339)