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Students may take a class in Biology, Biomedical Sciences, Botany, Zoology or Environmental Studies to fulfill  SBCC's GE requirement or to meet IGETC. IGETC (Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum) details the Lower Division GE requirements for the California State Universities (CSU) and for the University of California (UC) campuses.  IGETC must be certified at SBCC. Students must request this certification, which is sent to the transfer institution.  The certification requests are available here listed under University Transfer Center.

Within Area 5 of IGETC students who are fulfilling their SBCC GE requirements need to complete one class from Area 5a (Physical Sciences) and one class from Area 5b (Biological Sciences). At least one of these classes needs to have a lab and the two classes together need to total 7 - 9 semester units. BOT 122 and BOT 123 are 3-unit lab classes.  Students who take either of these botany classes will need to take a physical science class with a lab to meet their Area 5 requirements. BIOL 110: Natural Science is the only class offered by the Biological Sciences Department that is in both Area 5a and 5b.

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