Help for Common Registration Problems

Application Submitted?

If you are not a current SBCC student, your first step is to complete the Online Application for Admission. Once your application is received and processed and you complete any pre-registration requirements, you will be eligible to register on or after your appointment date.

What’s My Username and Password?

Go to the campus portal and select "Find my username/password" on the left side.

When to Register?

Log in to the campus portal and go to "Registration and Student Records." Review your registration status, which will include your pre-registration requirements and your registration appointment time.

Registration and Record Holds?

View holds in the campus portal. All holds must be cleared to allow registration, to add or drop a class, or to release academic records. Check and resolve holds prior to registering.

Assessment  Assessment Office (805) 730-4149
Orientation Enrollment Services (805) 730-4450
Advising  Counseling Office (805) 730-4085
Financial  Cashier's Office (805) 730-4197
Dean's Holds Dean, Educational Programs-Student Services (805) 965-0581 ext. 4002
Other Holds Admissions & Records (805) 730-4300
Class Closed/Full?

You have several options.

1) Search for an open section of the class here or on the campus portal.

2) Keep trying to add the class. Seats may open up during the registration period.

3) If a class has a waitlist, enrollment is based solely on the waitlist until the first day of class. Contacting the instructor before the class begins is not encouraged and messages may go unanswered.

4) Go to the first class meeting. If the instructor has available seats, request an Add Authorization Code. Remember to use your Add Authorization Code to register online before the add deadline.

5)  For online courses, students should contact the instructor by email.

Add deadlines are strictly enforced.

Entering Add Authorization Code?

From the Add/Drop Classes page in the campus portal, input the CRN of the class and click on “submit changes.” Enter the Add Authorization Code provided to you by the instructor. Click “verify” and then continue. Submit your changes, verify by reviewing your schedule and pay fees.

See more information on closed classes and entering Add Authorization Codes.

Repeating a Class?

First time repeats for a previously earned “D” or “F” grade are automatically approved—no paperwork is necessary. Additional repeats require an approved Petition for Course Repetition. Refer to the SBCC Catalog for repeatability rules and courses with approved repeatability.

Time Conflicts?

You will not be able to register for classes that have time conflicts. Under special circumstances you can request approval for a short time conflict if approved by the instructor and Admissions & Records. Obtain the Petition to Allow Time Conflicts from Admissions & Records.


Prerequisites for all courses are enforced at registration. For information, see the Transcript Evaluation Office

For information on error messages, click here.