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HIT/CIM Academic Planning




Due to the high numbers of students who are trying to take our HIT/CIM programs, our classes fill very fast during registration. It is important to understand and follow our priority registration procedures in order to have the best selection of courses:

  1. Look up your registration appointment date and whether you have any holds on your registration in advance. On Pipeline, go to Registration and Student Records, then to Registration, then Check Your Pre-Registration Requirements and Registration Appointment. Summer and Fall registration appointment dates are posted in early April and Spring registration appointment dates are posted in late October.

  2. If you are a new student to college and are pursuing an Associate degree or Certificate, you will have Assessment, Orientation and Advising holds on your account. Complete Orientation here - Complete Advising here - For the Assessment hold, please email Gwyer Schuyler, academic counselor, at with your Student ID number and major so that she can request the Assessment hold to be lifted.

  3. Register at the time of your appointment for the most course selection. For new students, the foundation courses that you should enroll in asap are COMP 101 Computer Applications, HIT 135 Medical Terminology, and BMS 146 Human Form and Function.

  4. The more units that you accumulate through SBCC, the earlier your registration date.

  5. IMPORTANT: You may not be able to get into HIT 101 in your first semester. In prior semesters, this was certainly the case, but it looks like for Fall 2013, new students with early enough registration dates have been able to get seats (as a new student to SBCC, your priority registration date is based on when you apply. The earlier you apply, the earlier registration date.).

  6. Because you may not be able to get into some of the courses in your major until you have higher priority in the registration process, you should consider taking courses outside of your major to increase your priority for the next registration period (some possible courses to take are COMP 120, COMP 103, PD 100, and General Education courses, which are listed on our FAQ page).

  7. Stay enrolled each Fall and Spring in order to have priority as a continuing student ahead of all new students and students who have taken time away.

  8. If you have a diagnosed disability, you should contact our DSPS office. One possible accommodation for a disability is to receive a priority registration date of the first day.

  9. Veterans and members of the EOPS program receive early priority registration dates. For more information, go to the Veterans Support website and the EOPS website.





Begin by reviewing academic planning information, including program requirements and sample Student Educational Plans (SEPs): CLICK HERE

After reviewing the academic planning information, email Gwyer Schuyler, academic counselor,, with the following information:

1. Full name

2. Student ID number (K00....)

3. Major

4. How many units you are comfortable taking each Fall and Spring semester and whether you want to take Summer courses.

5. Use the subject line, "SEP REQUEST"

Gwyer will then email you back with a recommended Student Educational Plan (SEP).




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