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System Requirements for Online Courses

Hardware & Software Requirements

HIT/CIM Technical Requirements

Courses that require use of the AHIMA VLab may require a windows platform for certain applications within the VLAB.  The Macintosh operating system is currently incompatible with selected VLab applications.

As a general guideline, a computer three years old or less is best. It should be running at least Microsoft Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Mac OSX.
(Note: Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft and is not recommended.) Computer must be equipped with a webcam with microphone (internal or USB).
We recommend using a standard laptop or desktop computer. We do not currently recommend using tablets and smart phones as a primary station for taking online courses. Mobile devices use "apps" which may not be able to display or run some online course content and resources.

Internet Access
A satellite, DSL, or cable connection or higher is best. Dial-up connections are not recommended, and will be problematic. If you rely on your employer's Internet connection, be aware that firewall restrictions and policies may exist that prevent you from accessing all or part of your course, using our online tools.

Web Browser
We recommend that you install Google Chrome.

Additional Software or Plug-ins
Depending on your course and instructor, you may have to purchase software. Contact the instructor for this info, or look at the course description page located on the SBCC course schedule page.

Additionally, many instructors post lecture materials online in various file formats (typically PowerPoint, Word or PDF files). To open these files, you will need the appropriate software or software viewer plug-in.

Students can download plug-ins for specific software at below web link

Note: Please check with course instructor and review course syllabus carefully to ensure you have any required or recommended software and/or hardware




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