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Welcome to Health Information Technology & Cancer Information

Program Description

Programs Offered:  

HIT Associate of Science Degree
CIM Certificate and Associate of Science Degree 
Medical Coding Specialist Certificate

Welcome to the website for Santa Barbara City College's Health Information Technology (HIT) Associate Degree, Medical Coding Certificate, and Cancer Information Management (CIM) Associate Degree and Certificate programs! These programs are taught online - all department requirements can be completed at a distance.

Attention enrolled students in Spring 2017 session 

We do not have the bookstore pricing for some items. Those are highlighted in yellow. The worksheets titled HIT ASMCS, and CIM, list the required texts in for each of these programs. The worksheet titled Required Courses lists all the courses in our department, and shows which courses are common to the various programs. Please review the two worksheets available by clicking HIT/CIM Texts Fall 2017. These contain lists of all the required texts for the HIT and CIM courses. The sheet titled Sorted by Course lists the required texts by course. It displays the required texts in ascending order by the course number, and includes the ISBN and the estimated pricing for the new and used copies. 

The worksheet titled Sorted by Text lists the required texts in ascending order by author/title of the text. It also gives the estimated pricing for new and used copies, and provides a summary list of all courses in which the text is used. 
Further information is detailed at the top of each worksheet.


We recommend that you review our Frequently Asked Questions as your first step.


If you have academic planning or program-related questions, you can contact the HIT/CIM Academic Counselor, Gwyer Schuyler, by filling out the form here or emailing or calling her directly -, 805/730-4369.

If you need help with the college application or the registration steps, please contact Admissions Outreach at 805/965-0581 x7222.

For questions about technical issues, please complete the Technical Student Support Form here.






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