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Nuestra Familia (Staff)


Sergio A. Lagunas
Sergio A. Lagunas

Program Coordinator

Pronouns: He, Him, His


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Nathalie Q
Nathalie Quintero

Raíces Program Advisor

Pronouns: She, Hers, Ella


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Dr. Melissa Menendez


Dr. Melissa Menendez

Raíces Faculty Lead, Curriculum and Pedagogy
Professor of English
Project Director, Title V HSI Grant

Pronouns: She, Her, Hers

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Colegas (Raíces Peer Advisors)


Honey Guzman 


Peer Advisor | Spanish Tutor | Bilingual Marketing

I was born in Atlanta, Georgia, but moved to Michoacan, Mexico when I was two years old. I lived in Mexico until I was 14 years old and then moved to Santa Barbara, where I have lived for the last four years. I was a student at San Marcos High School, where I played in the lacrosse team. While in high school, I was also a tutor at SBCC. Currently, my major is Spanish, but I plan to have a second major. My dream career is to be an immigration lawyer. Somethings that I do for fun is run, make jewelry, and walk. I like studying at the CLRC on the west campus because I can see everything outside.

I am Latina, and I identify as a Chicana.
Honey Guzman

Natalie Arellano


Peer Advisor | English/Writing Tutor | Outreach and Events

I was born in Goleta and raised in Santa Barbara. I attended San Marcos High School and my college major is radiology. My dream career would be helping people in the community in the medical field. A hobby I enjoy is boxing and  I also like watching American football. My team is the SF 49ers, and I always tune in to watch every single game. The benches in front of the Gavin Theatre and near the WCC building would definitely be my favorite spots on campus. On those benches you can see a whole overview of West Campus while also being able to see our football field and the ocean; it has the best view to sit down, catch up on some homework, and eat.

I am Latina, and I identify as Mexican-American.
Natalie Arellano

Fernando Barahona


Peer Advisor | Computer/Canvas Tutor | Outreach and Events

I was born in Santa Barbara. I lived in Santa Barbara and I spent most of my life in Carpinteria, where I attended elementary, middle, and highschool. I attended Carpinteria High School for all four years. I stayed in Carpinteria for about a year and a half before moving to Santa Barbara again, where I currently live. I initially attended SBCC in 2020 after graduating high school but ended up dropping out, and I am now a returning student. My college major is Computer Information Systems and my dream career is to be a system administrator. My favorite hobby is going to the gym. My favorite place on campus is the lower floor in the library since it provides a nice quiet place to study or do my homework without distractions. 

I am Latino. My Latine heritage is Guatemalan and Mexican. 
Fernando Barahona

Maxine Bagsic


Peer Advisor | English/Writing Tutor | Social Media Marketing

I am Filipina born in Mindanao, Philippines.
Maxine Bagsic



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