Evidence of Success

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2008: The Partnership for Student Success received a Hewlett Leaders in Student Success Award.  The award annually recognizes California community colleges that are using innovative and proven methods in foundational math and English.In addition, Gateway was selected as the exemplary program in the category of Enhancing Developmental Education in the 2008 Two-Year College Association (TYCA) Awards for Outstanding Programs in English for Two-Year Colleges and Teachers.

2007: The Partnership For Student Success program was named winner of the 2007 Community Colleges Chancellor's Award for Best Practices in Student Equity. Supported by the Foundation for California Community Colleges, the award honors districts or colleges that have made exemplary progress in advancing college access and successful outcomes for historically underserved populations.

2004: The Gateway program was awarded the Exemplary Program Award by the California Community College Academic Senate and the California Community College Board of Governors.



The Gateway Program grew from sixty class sections in Spring 2006 to 306 in Spring 2008.

An internal evaluation for the 2007/08 academic year found that around 3% more students in Gateway sections successfully complete (with a grade of "C" or better) the course than in comparable non-Gateway classes. For students placing below college level in writing and reading, course completion rate is nearly 7% higher in Gateway classes.

Writing Center

In 2007/08, the Writing Center saw a 29.5% increase in the number of visits and a 35.9% increase in the number of students over the previous year. Each semester the rate of successful course completion has been 15 to 20% higher among students who visited the Writing Center than among those who did not. For current Writing Center success statistics, click here: Writing Center Statistics.

Math Tutorial Lab

The Math Lab, too, has proven to increase student success in classes measurably. In Spring 2008, over 10% more students who used the tutoring service successfully completed their mathematics classes than those who never did. For students who came to the lab twenty or more times in the semester, the class success rate was an impressive 30% higher.

Student Athlete Academic Achievement Zone

The Academic Achievement Zone aims to help students learn how to capitalize on the transfer of motivational skills from the athletic domain to the academic domain. In Spring 2008, student athletes who made use of this service achieved an 11.4% improvement in successful course completion rate and a 0.42 improvement in term GPA over eligible non-users.