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Professional Development Advisory Committee

The Professional Development Advisory Committee (PDAC) rose from two legal mandates. The first mandate, California Education Code, Section 87151 (Allocation of Funds for Professional Development), requires an advisory committee of “administrators, faculty, staff representatives” and is required to be eligible to receive professional development funding from the Chancellor’s Office. This section was subsequently updated by AB-2558.

The second, California Code of Regulations, Title 5, Division 6, Chapter 6, Subchapter 8, Article 2, Section § 55730 (Flexible Calendar Program), requires an advisory Committee of “faculty, students, administrators and other interested persons.”

The committee was formed in Fall 2014 under the direction of the College Planning Council (CPC).

Committee Charge

Based upon the language in Education Code and Title 5, the committee shall:

  • Conduct and annually update a survey of the most critical staff, student, and instructional improvement needs in the district
  • Create and annually update the Professional Development Plan (aka - campus human development resources plan) that includes the following items:
    • The results of the survey identified above
    • Plan for developing and carrying out activities to address the identified critical needs
    • A report of actual expenditures (from the previous year)
    • An evaluation of the effectiveness of conducted activities and update the plan to reflect needed changes
    • Schedule of meetings for Advisory Committee
    • Align plan with District strategic goals and Educational Vision Plan *
    • Maintain records on the description, type and number of activities scheduled and the number of district employees and students participating in these activities
  • Review and recommend use of State funded professional development allocation to CPC *
  • Collaborate with the Faculty Professional Development Committee *
  • Plan and implement bi-annual All Campus Kickoff

* not specified in code or legislation


Appointed By
Liz Auchincloss Classified School Employees Association
Justina Buller Faculty Professional Development Coordinator
Tara Carter Academic Senate 
Kimberly Monda Academic Senate
Jesse Felix Classified School Employees Association
Sharon Remacle Resource Staff
Angelica Contreras Advancing Leadership Association
Elizabeth Imhof Advancing Leadership Association (Chair)
Deneatrice Lewis Human Resources
Lacey Peters Academic Senate
Margaret Prothero Guided Pathways
Joshua Ramirez Faculty Distance Education Coordinator
Karen Shannon Classified School Employees Association
Amanda Jacobs Interim Executive Director of Public Affairs and Communications
Roxane Byrne Coordinator, Equity, Diversity and Cultural Competency
Luann Swanberg School of Extended Learning

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