Classified Professional Development Committee

The Classified Professional Development Committee supports classified employees in activities that help us collaborate and have an equal voice with other constituent groups on campus, that enable and encourage personal and professional growth, and that contribute to SBCC’s mission of commitment to fostering an equitable, inclusive, respectful, participatory, and supportive community dedicated to the success of every student.

Liz Auchincloss
Emma Cruz
Cristina Garcia Otero
Elizabeth Mares
Sharon Remacle
Therese Schweidler
Barbara Smith
Kaylene Thomas
Jesse Valentine Felix 

If you are a classified employee and would like to join this committee, please email us at


CSEA Agreement, Article 6.7 Professional Growth:

    • 6.7.1 Professional Growth Increments
      Professional Growth will consist of eight steps to be earned in increments of $250 each
      as described in the Professional Growth Manual. Twelve (12) Professional Growth Units
      are required to earn an increment.
    • 6.7.2 Evaluation of Professional Growth Credits for CSEA Unit Members
      Applications for Professional Growth Credits will be evaluated by CSEA and Human
      Resources designees appointed by the Assistant Superintendent / Vice President of Human Resources and
      designees appointed by CSEA.
      Human Resources shall continue to have oversight of the Professional Growth Program
      for CSEA unit members including but not limited to the distribution of forms and initiation
      of this process during the fall and spring semesters as specified in the Professional
      Growth Program.
    • 6.7.3 Professional Growth Option
      Current unit members may enroll in noncredit tuition-free career skills classes with the
      permission of their supervisors.
    • 6.7.4 Professional Growth Leave
      A unit member who has passed their initial probation shall be provided up to
      twenty-four (24) hours per year of paid leave for the purposes of attending an
      approved professional growth activity that cannot reasonably be scheduled for
      outside the employee’s working hours and that is not already approved for
      attendance during working hours.