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Dalton Beeler
Dalton Beeler

Well hello! My name is Dalton Beeler and this is my first year at SBCC! I love photography along with nature and I have been doing photography for 2 years now!

I am an avid outdoorsman, backpacker, hiker, surfer, wannabe climber and biology major. I also love reading when I get the chance and recently

I am trying to crack into photojournalism. I run the photography club on campus and I hope to see you around town!

Zoe Neumer
Zoe Neumer

Hey, I’m Zoe and this is my second year at SBCC. I’ve been doing photography for a while now and love everything about it.

Besides that I love sports, working out and graphic design.

Last year I found my passion for sports photography and got to cover various football games.

I’m super grateful for the opportunity to work as a student photographer at SBCC and look forward to expanding my portfolio and improving my skills.