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Welcome to Dual Enrollment



  • During our Covid19 remote operations, we are available by chat and phone during working hours, or email at any time. See the Contact Us page for more information. 

  • All summer I and II 2020 instruction will be online (Summer Session 1: May 18- June 27; Summer Session 2:June 29- Aug 8)

    The campus is working to address the conversion of the summer schedule to an etirely online. Courses that are now showing as closed may be reopened as they are converted to an online format. All instruction will be remote. 

    * Application for summer book grants are now open. See link for counselors on 'For Counselors' page.

  • Online forms are back, just in time for summer registration. All students interested in Summer 2020 courses can now submit their approval form through our website. See Apply and Register Step 4 for more information.  

    Please help us by only clicking ‘Submit’ once per form! *We have a limited number of submissions and want to use them as effectively as we can. If you are having issues submitting, email us at

What is Dual Enrollment?
Through partnerships with our K-12 districts, students eligible for high school have the opportunity to begin their college career while paying no tuition for college classes. High school students can earn college AND high school credits at the same time when they take classes at SBCC, take SBCC classes at their high school, and take SBCC classes online.

Important Dates:

Classes on SBCC Campus/Online:

April 10  to     Summer Book Grant application window for Session 1
May 1

April 10 to      Summer Book Grant application window for Session II
June 12

April 20          First day for Summer I/II Registration

May 2             Last Day of Spring 2020 Instruction

May 9             Spring Semester Ends

May 18            First Day of Summer I Instruction

June 29          First Day of Summer II Instruction

July 6               First Day of Fall 2020 Registration

August 8         Last Day of Summer II Instruction

Classes on your High School Campus:

January          Spring Semester Begins (dates vary)

Feb 12             Last Day to Drop without a "W"

April 13          Last day to Withdrawal from classes

Our Mission

The Dual Enrollment Programs Office's mission is to develop and maintain partnerships that encourage the pursuit of post-secondary education, especially among traditionally underrepresented high school students.

Our work is rooted in efforts to increase career and college readiness, achieve educational equity, and increase access to post-secondary education. As the first point of entry to post-secondary education at SBCC, our dual enrollment partnerships ease the transition to college so high school students can experience empowering, encouraging, and transformative experiences and have multiple opportunities to successfully earn college and high school credit before completing their high school education.