Connecting to the Writing Center by Phone

You do not need to have a computer or an internet connection to use the Writing Center. In fact, if you need to, you can connect with us by phone.

If you have a smart phone and an internet connection...

you can still make appointments through our website and enter video sessions with tutors entirely on your phone. Because it is very difficult to do screensharing on a phone, however, we recommend that if you want to look at your work or your assignment instructions with a tutor, you share these things with them using the Google drive associated with your pipeline account before you begin. (You will know who your tutor is because you will get a welcome email from them after you make your appointment.) If you need help figuring out how to share things, your tutor can also walk you through it while you are with them in the session.

If you don't have a smart phone...

You can still connect with us. Please call us at (805)730-4463 during the hours when we are open (Monday-Thursday 10-7 or via email on Fridays 10-2). Whoever answers the phone can make an appointment for you and then give you the number and codes to use when calling in to your session with the tutor. They can also give you an email address for the tutor in case you want to share your work or your assignment instructions with the tutor before the call.

Would it help you to have a chromebook?

Although we are happy to provide flexibility in how we connect with students, we know that trying to do everything on your phone can be difficult. Right now, the college is making chromebooks available to students. If you think you'd like to try to take advantage of this option, please click here.