The LRC offers a series of Learning Skills and Writing Skills Workshops.

    • LRC Learning Skills Workshops: See below for a list of LRC Learning Skills Workshops 

    • LRC Writing Skills Workshops: As part of the LRC workshop series, we have several Writing Skills Workshops scheduled for the current semester. The skills and strategies learned in the workshops can be applied to writing in classes across the curriculum.

All LRC Learning Skills are held on Thursdays from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. located in WCC 204. Seating is limited, so please arrive in time to secure a seat. Videos of some Learning Skills Workshops are available in the LRC. Look for "Learning skills workshop" in the LRC media database.

Learning Skills Workshop Flyer

Memory Techniques/Study Skills
Thursday, TBA
Learn how to study with more confidence and efficiency through specific memory techniques and skill building.

Time Management
Thursday, TBA
Manage your time effectively and create healthier lifestyle patterns.

Test Taking Skills
Thursday, TBA
Increase success and confidence by examining academic emotional-management techniques.

Growth Mindset
Thursday, TBA
Explore how mindset affects success by focusing on how your brain learns and discussing the particular activities/practices that best help our brains learn.

Neuroscience of Learning
Thursday, TBA
Learn what brain research tells us about how we learn and effective learning strategies.

Stress Management
Thursday, TBA
Learn how to manage stress and obtain a healthier lifestyle for better overall wellness.

Vandana Gavaskar, Director Learning Support Services
Alyson Bostwick, MFT, Personal Counselor
Barb Freeman, Supervisor, LRC
Pam Guenther, Math Instructor