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CLRC Computer Labs

The CLRC Computer Lab offers iMac and PC computers, internet access, computer tutoring, technology support, and technology check out to currently enrolled SBCC students to support their learning and success. We provide assistance in-person and online.

The Computer Lab also offers free printing (up to ten pages per day), ocean view workstations, large monitors for laptops, two large tv displays with computers for group work, study pods, charging stations, a quiet work area, and squishmellow study buddies.

Summer 2024
In-Person Hours:

Monday 10:00am to 5:00pm
Tuesday 10:00am to 5:00pm
Wednesday 10:00am to 5:00pm
Thursday 10:00am to 5:00pm

Need help in person? Visit us in the CLRC.

Need help online? We provide online tutoring via zoom by appointment during our open hours of operation. To schedule an appointment contact us.

Have a question after hours? You can also ask a tutor a question when we are closed by completing the "Ask a Computer Tutor" form. Find additional information about our services below.

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The CLRC Computer Commons open lab has 24 iMac and 16 PC Thin Client computer workstations available for student use. All computer workstations require log in using a campus username and password. Personal computers cannot be connected to the CLRC network for internet access.

You can access the Windows CLRC Lab desktop at home through Click on VMware Horizon HTML Access. Log in with your campus user name and password, then click on the "Student Desktop" icon. You will need to save your files to your Google Drive or email them to yourself from inside the virtual desktop.

Students can check out chromebooks, phone chargers, and headphones at the LRC Front Counter with a SBCC student ID. We have 108 Chromebook laptops available for four hour check out for students to use in the CLRC and/or on campus. Currently enrolled SBCC students can checkout technology by presenting their SBCC student ID (or K number with a photo ID) at the CLRC front desk. 

There are three tech hubs with large monitors are placed around the LRC that allow students to plug in their personal laptops and work on a larger screen. These tech hubs are great for group projects where students when students need to work as a team on projects. To get assistance using a tech hub, ask a Computer Tutor.

Computer Tutors provide tutoring as needed learning and technical support to students within in the CLRC Computer Commons. Students can ask for help directly at the Computer Help Desk and/or place the help sign on top of their computer workstation. 

Computer Tutors can assist students with essential computer skills like basic computer skills, using operating systems, and printing.

For example, we can help students with:

  • Logging in / Logging out
  • Opening / Closing programs
  • Holding the mouse
  • Right / Left Click
  • Opening files
  • Uploading / Downloading files
  • Saving files
  • Selecting the correct printer
  • Adding money to campus card
  • Printing files sent to the mutli-functional printers

Computer Tutors can also assist students with questions related to class related software. For example, we can help students with using:

  • Campus Portal
  • E-Mail
  • Canvas
  • Web browsers
  • Google Apps
  • Cloud Storage
  • Microsoft Office/365

We can also help with accessing SBCC campus resources seen below:

  • Connecting to SBCC Wifi
  • Accessing VM View Virtual Desktop
  • Accessing NetTutor
  • Computer Tutors can help with basic troubleshooting and technical support using desktop, laptop, and mobile device technology.
  • Troubleshooting SBCC wifi connection
  • Troubleshooting Chromebook issues
  • Issues with campus card
  • Printing problems
  • Webpages not loading or performing as expected when completing assignments
  • Uploading files/assignments

Please note: SBCC staff and Computer Tutors are unable to make system changes to personal laptops and/or devices. Any suggested changes to software settings or system settings are at the sole discretion of the student and must be made by the student. SBCC can not be held responsible for malfunctioning of personally owned computers and devices. 

There is one DSPS (Disability Services and Programs for Students) PC desktop workstations located within the LRC Computer Commons installed with learning assistance software and is equipped with a flatbed scanner. Students wishing to use DSPS stations in the LRC must to be trained to use the software at DSPS Lab in Room SS-160 prior using the DSPS workstations at the LRC.

The most commonly used software installed on its computer workstations. Access a complete list of the current operating systems and software by clicking here.

Students can save their digital files to cloud storage (e.g., Google Drive), a flash drive, and/or e-mail their files to themselves. Students are responsible for saving and maintaining their files. We encourage students to save their work frequently and to create back-ups copies of any critical files. The LRC Commons is an open lab environment, and as such, all user files will be deleted from the local computer upon log off. In other words, files saved to the desktop, documents, or downloads folders will be deleted when the student logs off or shortly thereafter.

The LRC currently provides 10 pages a day of free black and white single sided printing. Students can add funds to their student ID to pay for additional printing.
Black and white and color printing is available from any of the LRC computer workstations using the Uniflow Multi-function Canon printers. Black and white printing costs 10 cents per page. Color printing costs 25 cents per page. Students must have a SBCC student ID in order to print. A quick start guide with instructions on how to use the printer is available here. To pay for print jobs, students must add funds to their SBCC student ID within their Campus Card Flex account. Follow these step-by-step instructions here to learn how to add funds to your campus card account. Personal computers cannot be connected to the LRC printers for printing.
Students can make copies using the Uniflow Multi-function Canon printer. Copies cost .10 cents per page.
Students can scan documents and send these files to themselves using the Scan and Send feature within the Uniflow Multi-function printer. Quick start instructions are available here. Additionally, each DSPS workstation has a flatbed photo scanner for student use. Any student can use a DSPS station but DSPS students have priority. There is no charge for scanning files.
The CLRC Computer Commons is located on West Campus within the Cartwright Learning Resources Center across from the Luria Library. 
Do you enjoy helping people and helping others learn? Are you interested in learning more about computers, software, and technology? Do you want a job that allows you to stay on campus and schedules your work shifts around your class schedule? Then working as a Computer Tutor in the LRC may be a perfect fit! To learn more about applying to become a Computer Tutor, please stop by the LRC or contact Regina Reese or Therese Schweidler with questions at 805-965-0581 ext. 4470.

If you are interested in making a program available for student use in any of our labs contact Norma Bahena, the Academic Technology Support Specialist at or call 805-965-0581 ext. 4038.

If you have general questions about the LRC Computer Commons resources and/or services, please contact the LRC Front Desk at 805-965-0581 ext. 2670. If you have specific questions, please contact the LRC Computer Tutor Help Desk or one of the Computer Support LTAs below.

LRC Computer Tutor Help Desk
Phone: 805-965-0581 ext. 3710

Regina Reese, Computer Lab LTA
Phone: 805-965-0581 ext. 3769

Therese Schweidler, Computer Lab LTA
Phone: 805-965-0581 ext. 3553

You can find us on social media here: Facebook | Instagram |  Twitter