Lacrosse and Rugby

The SBCC University Transfer Academy has partnered with the SBCC Men's Rugby Academy and the SBCC Women's Lacrosse Club to provide academic, personal, vocational counseling. For academic counseling, please contact the University Transfer Academy -  For more information regarding lacrosse or rugby, please click on their respective links. 

SBCC Women's Lacrosse 

The SBCC Women’s Lacrosse Club team has spots available for more players and would like to have you join them. For more information, please check out the team website to find more information and fill out the Player Info Form. 
The women’s lacrosse team is a club and not a collegiate athletic team, so this means the opportunity to play lacrosse at SBC is open for everyone, including beginners. Of course, previous lacrosse experience is certainly welcome.

SBCC Men's Rugby

SBCC Men's Rugby practice times are TBD. For more information, please contact the coach, Kevin Battle at or (805) 451-5652.