Advanced Placement

Students who have completed Advanced Placement (AP) Examinations of the College Entrance Examination Board with scores of 3, 4, or 5 may receive credit at Santa Barbara City College for each advanced placement course as listed and published in the Advanced Placement Chart. See AP 4236 for additional details.

Contact an academic counselor for more information on how your AP scores may be applied toward your academic goals at SBCC.

Step 1: Obtain your AP Score Report

Option A (recommended): Download a PDF copy of your "Student Score Report" from College Board. See example below. Screenshots of your AP score landing page will NOT be accepted. You must download the Score Report.

AP Score Report

Option B: Have College Board mail your AP Score Report to SBCC (fees may apply). See the College Board website for instructions. IMPORTANT: If your AP Score Report is mailed to SBCC there will be a SIGNIFICANT delay in processing. It routinely takes College Board six to eight weeks (or longer) to mail out AP Score Reports. In addition, if a Stay-at-Home Order is issued due to the COVID-19 pandemic or if the campus closes for any other reason then we will be unable to go on campus and therefore cannot process mailed AP Score Reports. We recommend you use Option A to submit your AP Score Report online if at all possible.

Step 2: Submit a Request for Evaluation

Use the link below to submit a request for evaluation of your AP scores toward SBCC prerequisites and/or program requirements. Note: All AP Score Reports received by SBCC are eventually processed toward prerequisite requirements, even if you do not submit a request for evaluation. However, if you need you AP scores reviewed toward program/degree requirements, or processed right away to clear a prerequisite requirement so you can register, you MUST submit this form or the prerequisite clearance form. 

Click Here for the AP Score Evaluation Form

After we receive your AP scores:

Once we receive your AP Score Report AND an AP Score Evaluation Form your request will be processed within ten (10) business days. This time frame excludes weekends, holidays, and campus closures and is subject to change without notification. 

If you submit a request for evaluation, you will be notified that your AP Score Report has been evaluated by email to your SBCC email account, so be sure to check it regularly.

All AP Score Reports received by SBCC are eventually processed toward prerequisite requirements, even if you do not submit a request for evaluation. However, unless you submit an AP Score Evaluation Form, they will not be evaluated toward program/degree requirements, and there may be a SIGNIFICANT delay in your AP scores being processed toward prerequisite requirements. You will also not be notified by email when your AP scores are processed if you do not submit the AP Score Report Evaluation Form. 

Starting in the Spring 2021 term, you will be able to see how your AP scores may fulfill requirements on your educational plan in Starfish Degree Planner (accessible in your campus account under "Starfish," then select "Degree Planner"). However, at this time not all scores may display, so check the the Advanced Placement Chart to see how credit is awarded for AP scores and contact an academic counselor if you have questions.