Student Starfish FAQs

Starfish Early Alert allows an instructor to notify a student when there is a concern about performance or success in a class. Early Alerts, also known as flags, may identify frequent absences, missed assignments or exams, or failure in a class. Starfish also allows instructors to raise kudos to celebrate a student’s success or improvement in a class. Students who receive early alerts, kudos or referrals will receive an email and notification in the Starfish Student Center.

Students can benefit from Starfish by:

  • Scheduling an appointment with a Counselor
  • Getting early and individualized feedback and contact from concerned members on campus.
  • Receiving Starfish notifications by email or text.
  • Becoming motivated as a result of receiving positive, encouraging messages from instructors and other individuals on campus.

A student receives a "kudos" through the Starfish Early Alert system if an instructor chooses to acknowledge improving or outstanding work in a course.

An instructor wanted to alert you that they are concerned about your progress in the class in regards to one of the following...

  • Attendance
  • Low Scores
  • Missing Assignments
  • In Danger of Failing
 Receiving a flag does not necessarily mean you are failing a class. You may need to consider what steps to take to address the concern. 
No. Flags are part of the Early Alert system and are not part of your permanent record.
 First of all, remember, you are not "in trouble." We are here to help you be successful in your educational experience. If you are contacted with an alert, please take action on the concern raised by your instructor. First, start with contacting your instructor. If you need additional help, please consider utilizing our services, such as tutoring through the Tutoring and Learning Center, Academic Counseling, the Disability Resource Center and much more.