Santa Barbara City College students working on computers in School of Media Arts lab.

School of Media Arts

About Our Program

Established 2001, The intention of the School of Media Arts (SOMA) is to promote collaboration, synergies and the opportunity to maximize resources between programs with a similar mission: applied communication, visual literacy and digital media. Departments included in the School of Media Arts are: Film Studies, Film Production, Graphic Design and Photography, Journalism, Multimedia Arts & Technologies. SBCC's works as strong partner in the effort to promote the need for art fundamentals in attaining these collaborative goals.

SOMA is constantly developing strong community relations for its occupational/vocational programs by participating in the development of advisory committees, internship programs and events with local companies and professional organizations. Through these relationships, and our end of the year Showcase SOMA award ceremony continues to demonstrate itself as one of the most outstanding training and educational facility in the state.
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Programs of Study

For further information or inquiries contact:

Santa Barbara City College c/o School of Media Arts 721 Cliff Dr. Santa Barbara, CA 93109