Accident, Injury and Illness

District Employee's Job Related

 In the event of an employee's on the job accident, injury or illness, assess the medical needs and respond accordingly:

Accident, Injury or Illness Reporting Procedures

COVID-19 and Worker's Compensation

  1. For minor injuries perform first aid and contact Risk Management for treatment authorization if necessary. SBCC Security is available 24 hours/day directly at (805) 730-4200 for urgent assistance and notification if 911 has been called.

  2. For more serious injuries the employee should go to: Sansum Medical Foundation Clinic Occupational Medicine, 101 South Patterson Avenue, Santa Barbara, CA 93111, open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Mon-Fri only. For alternative facilities, refer to our Accident, Injury or Illness Care Provider Treatment Facilities list.  Notify the Risk Manager at (805) 730-4266 regarding the illness/injury or have Sansum Occupational Medical Clinic do so upon your arrival.  The SBCC Risk Manager can be reached directly at (805) 730-4266.  If they are not equipped to handle the medical problem, they will refer you to another care provider. When in doubt about the severity of the injury or the proper place for treatment, the emergency room of any local hospital is a good choice.  Remember that 911 emergency services can also be utilized in the event of a very serious injury.

  3. If off-campus medical care is used the following information needs to be told to the provider:  Patient is an employee of the Santa Barbara Community College District and was injured while on the job. SBCC is self insured for Workers' Compensation. The doctor must send the original plus one copy of the "Doctor's First Report of Industrial Injury" and all invoices and future reports to our administrators, Keenan & Associates, P.O. Box 4328 Torrance, CA 90520.  Another copy of the same report should be sent to: Risk Manager, Santa Barbara City College, 721 Cliff Drive, Santa Barbara, CA 93109.

  4. Two forms are required by SBCC for completion: The Employee Report of Accident, Injury or Illness to be completed by employee, and the Supervisor's Report of Accident, Injury or Illness completed by the employee's supervisor. Both need to be returned to the Risk Manager, Human Resources.

  5. The employee must provide the doctor's treatment certificate and/or report of work restrictions to both their Supervisor and the Risk Manager.

  6. Any lost time must be reported by the employee to Payroll on the Absence Report Form obtainable through Payroll.

  7. If you or the injured employee have any questions, contact the Risk Manager directly at (805) 730-4266.

  8. Report any unsafe condition(s) that contributed to the injury to the Facilities & Operations Department, (805) 965-0581 ext 2296.

*For Worker's Compensation purposes, a District employee is a person paid through the Payroll Office and is working for the District at the time of the injury.