Coming to Campus

  • Employees and students will arrive on-campus and go to one of the check-in tables. At the check-in table, show your cleared pass to receive your daily wristband and N-95 or similar surgical mask.

  • Vaccinated: Show cleared pass from Cleared4 to receive your daily wristband and N-95 or similar mask.

    : Show your cleared pass symptoms screen, approval of vaccine exemption from, and a PCR Negative COVID-19 test to receive daily wristband and N-95 or similar mask.

  • CDC Guidance

    • Wear N-95 or similar mask, covering nose and mouth, when inside facilities.
    • Physically distance as much as possible. When unable to maintain physical distancing outdoors, masks are recommended.
    • HVAC/HEPA filter air purifiers are active. Wear layers to keep warm.
    • Everyone must wear approved N-95 or similar masks while indoors.
    • Eating in class is not advised and may increase classroom exposure risk. With instructor permission, students may drink beverages in class but they must replace their face covering immediately after putting their drink down.
    • The District will clean classrooms as scheduled and upon request. If you have questions or concerns about cleaning, put in a facilities work order request. For areas of specific concern, contact the COVID Response Coordinators.
  • COVID Updates

    On-campus testing is available for everyone, and a negative test within the last 7 days will be required for all individuals coming to campus.

  • If an employee or student tests positive for COVID-19, that individual must self-isolate for a minimum of 5 days if asymptomatic with a negative test, or 10 days with lingering symptoms. If an individual is in the same household as a COVID-19 positive individual, that individual should wear a N-95 or similar mask, quarantine, and not report to campus until allowed to do so by a COVID-19 Response Coordinator.

  • Board Resolution No. 1

    Students and employees must be fully vaccinated (or they need to receive an approved exemption) to be allowed on-campus. All Individuals coming to campus will need to provide proof of a negative test within the last 7 days. Important: Providing a fake vaccination card is a criminal offense and will be reported for prosecution.