SBCC COVID Testing Info

Last updated: September 14, 2023

We remain committed to support each other in our efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 on campus. In alignment with the California SMARTER Plan and the Cal/OSHA COVID-19 Prevention Non-Emergency Regulations the college will continue to offer the following testing and personal protective equipment (PPE):

Cost-free Antigen tests and masks for students and employees available for pick-up at the following locations:


Students and employees are encouraged to proactively pick up a testing kit to have on hand in the event of exposure/symptoms.Testing kits are limited to 1 kit per person per day. Each kit contains two tests. A picture of the antigen test result with the name of the tester and date and time of the test is required for valid documentation of the infection. 

Cost-free PCR testing will be provided at no cost and during paid time for:

    • All employees with COVID-19 symptoms.
    • Employees who had a close contact at work, with the exception of symptom-free employees who have recovered from COVID-19 in the past 30 days (returned cases).
    • During an outbreak, to all employees within an exposed group, at least once a week, except for employees who were not at work during the relevant period and symptom-free “returned cases”. 
    • During a major outbreak, twice per week, except for employees who were not at work during the relevant period and symptom-free “returned cases.”

See Cal OSHA §3205 (b) for definitions. 


No-cost Employee PCR requires test order and/or authorization of the SBCC Risk Manager, issued in response to the  COVID-19 Employee Support Form submission. 

PCR student and employee testing without authorization is no longer available. 

Covid testing is one of SBCC’s three pillars to support Vaqueros Stronger Together. Testing plays an important role in our efforts to keep our campus operational and our community together while keeping the spread of COVID-19 at bay.