Rules and Policies

General Rules

  • Every student must check in to use lab resources, and check out when they leave. Student Sign-In desk is located at the entrance to IDC 102 from the outdoor patio area.
  • A valid SBCC student ID number must be used to login, and students must be enrolled in the current semester.
  • Please respect your fellow students by silencing all cell phones or pagers and taking phone conversations outside.
  • Please leave your workspace clean and tidy for the next student.
  • Food and drink are permitted in the lab, but please respect our equipment by using caution around computers. We have cleaning supplies, so please notify staff of any spills immediately!
  • We do not check out books and calculators in the lab, however, you can check out materials from the library and bring them to the lab.
  • Disruptive or rude behavior will not be tolerated.
  • All students using the labs must follow the SBCC Standards of Student Conduct, Student Use Policy and Electronic Communications Policy.

Computer Lab Rules

  • Copying software from lab computers is illegal, attempts to copy software will face disciplinary action.
  • Installation of software on lab computers is not permitted.
  • Files saved to the local computer hard drive will be erased, you may save files on the network drive. We suggest that you bring a usb flash drive to save your work, email files to yourself using webmail, or save your work to Google Drive.
  • Black and white printing is available for 10 cents per page. You may pay for printing only with an SBCC student ID containing funds. Use Print Preview as much as possible to help proofread documents on the screen before you print.
  • Computers are available for class related work. Students using a computer for non-academic purposes may be asked to leave the lab if computers are in demand.
  • Do not unplug any computer station from the network, do not plug laptops into the network.
  • Report computer problems to a tutor or staff, please do not attempt to fix them yourself.
  • Displaying sexually explicit, graphically disturbing, or sexually harassing images or text is considered misuse of computers and will be reported to campus authorities. Event logs are monitored by the Network Administrator, and action will be taken against the student.
  • Your computer activities may be monitored remotely without any warning or indication.