Faculty and Staff



Name E-mail Office Phone Ext.
Ahlman, Christopher caahlman@pipeline.sbcc.edu IDC   
Alarcon, Ignacio ialarcon@pipeline.sbcc.edu IDC 344 4359
Ary, Daniel dwary@pipeline.sbcc.edu IDC    
Avitzur, Tal tavitzur@pipeline.sbcc.edu IDC 219 3901
Bennett, David dabennett@pipeline.sbcc.edu IDC  
Campbell, Jamie jdcampbell4@pipeline.sbcc.edu IDC 328 3652
Chang, Lee ltchang@pipeline.sbcc.edu IDC 341 3683
Chisholm, Elizabeth eechisholm@pipeline.sbcc.edu IDC 347  
Chou, Yen Kuang ychou@pipeline.sbcc.edu IDC 327-B  
Cullinen, Andrea alcullinen@pipeline.sbcc.edu IDC 330 4748
Elhakimi, Mohammed melhakimi@pipeline.sbcc.edu IDC 312 4535
Georgakis, Peter pugeorgakis@pipeline.sbcc.edu IDC 346 2553
Gilbert, David dwgilbert@pipeline.sbcc.edu IDC 345 2208
Giles-Bullicer, Daniel djgiles1@pipeline.sbcc.edu IDC 329A 4449
Guenther, Pam pguenther@pipeline.sbcc.edu IDC 336 5107
Harasymowycz, Mary Ann mharasymowycz@pipeline.sbcc.edu IDC    
Hersh, Jared jmhersh@pipeline.sbcc.edu IDC 338 3651
Johnson, Charles johnsonc@sbcc.edu IDC    
Johnson, Veronica vjohnson@pipeline.sbcc.edu IDC    
Kalbag, Anuroopa akalbag@pipeline.sbcc.edu IDC    
Kerissa, Hoda hmkerissa@pipeline.sbcc.edu IDC  
Kruidenier, Jim jfkruidenier@pipeline.sbcc.edu IDC 339 2682
Labgaa, Rachid rrlabgaa@pipeline.sbcc.edu IDC    
Laskowski-Caujolle, Monika emlaskowskic@pipeline.sbcc.edu IDC 358  
Loftus, Jennifer jbloftus@pipeline.sbcc.edu IDC 329B  
Masooman, Sharareh smasooman@pipeline.sbcc.edu IDC 335B 2472
Miner, Jason jminer@pipeline.sbcc.edu IDC 342 2267
Moore, Bronwen bmoore@pipeline.sbcc.edu IDC 337  
Panza, Christopher cspanza@pipeline.sbcc.edu IDC 340 5177
Parmely, Anna acparmely@pipeline.sbcc.edu IDC 343  
Porter, Matt mjporter1@pipeline.sbcc.edu IDC    
Pretel, Gabriel ghpretel@pipeline.sbcc.edu IDC 331 4724
Pumar, Mark mapumar@pipeline.sbcc.edu IDC    
Solis, Sharon ssolis3@pipeline.sbcc.edu IDC   
Tivy, Anna antivy@pipeline.sbcc.edu IDC    
Tran, Chinh cdtran@pipeline.sbcc.edu IDC    

Staff and Administration

Name Position Email Office Phone Ext.
Grimison, Nina Math Lab LTA nlgrimison@pipeline.sbcc.edu IDC 102 2300
Kuhn, Jens-Uwe Dean jkuhn2@pipeline.sbcc.edu A 113 4339
Loftus, Jennifer Department Chair jbloftus@pipeline.sbcc.edu IDC 329B  
Pretel, Gabriel Faculty Math Lab Director ghpretel@pipeline.sbcc.edu IDC 331 4724
Romero, Alba Math Lab LTA aromero28@pipeline.sbcc.edu IDC 102 2300