Long-Range Planning

In 2013, the college began a new phase of long-range planning for capital improvement projects for all three campuses.  The goal of this planning effort was to develop a Facilities Vision Plan that:

  • provides high quality and modern instructional, student support and work spaces
  • addresses future needs of instructional programs
  • supports sustainable development and operations
  • creates an attractive campus environment 

Facilities Vision Plan

The purpose of the 2019 FVP is to guide all future development and renovation efforts for facilities, landscaping, site work, and wayfinding as part of the long range planning vision for the college.

Aesthetic Design Standards

The 2015 Aesthetic Design Standards (ADS) are a means to communicate the desired look and feel for all future facilities, landscaping and site work at each of the three campuses.  The ADS are a component of the larger FMP and guide architects and designers to an end result that supports an overall aesthetic vision. Further, these standards focus on creating the most ideal setting for supporting a successful student experience.

Long Range Development Plan

The college's original Long Range Development Plan (LRDP) was developed in the early 1980's and is one of its primary long-range planning documents.  The LRDP is the long range facilities planning document required by the California Coastal Commission (CCC), the state governing body that regulates development activities within the coastal region of California. 

Documents may also be requested via email facilities@sbcc.edu and are available by search in Boarddocs