Evacuation Sites

Cliff Campus Map

Schott Evacuation Map
Wake Evacuation Map

There are Evacuation Site signs placed around Main, Wake and Schott campus as locations to go to when evacuating from a building during certain emergencies such as gas leaks, fires or earthquakes.  Each building has a designated site to evacuate to as indicated by one of the letters, A through F. Individuals are asked to evacuate to the safest and closest site possible.

The purpose of these sites is to provide a safe area to gather while minimizing the impact of traffic for emergency responders.

When evacuating during an emergency it may not be possible to use your normal route of travel.  It is best to know several different routes to exit a building in case there is debris blocking your path.  It is not so important to get to your designated Evacuation Site but that you are able to get to one of them on campus.  

Instructors and staff need to be aware of any students or coworkers with physical limitations who may need help in evacuating the building, especially down stairs.  If it is not physically possible to assist someone from a building try to relocate them to an open patio or breeze-way where emergency responders can get access to.

When evacuating it is important to:

  • Do so in a calm and orderly manner
  • Take with you all of your personal belongings
  • Do not use the elevators especially during a fire or earthquake
  • Do not use the footbridge during or after an earthquake
  • Once at the site please allow the instructor or safety marshal to conduct role so that all can be accounted for.

If the emergency is regarding a shooter on campus it may not be safe to evacuate the building where you could be placing yourself in the direct path of the shooter.  Please see attached document, "Guidelines for Violent or Threatening Situations" regarding the college's protocol during this type of emergency.

In the case of an earthquake first take cover in the fetal position away from windows and under a sturdy object.  Once the shaking stops then evacuate from the building.

Do not re-enter the building until you get an all clear notification from either Campus Safety or Facilities Staff. 

During an emergency staff and faculty are not automatically dismissed from campus.  Staff and faculty are considered Disaster Service Workers per California Government Code Section 3100-31009.  Please see attached PDF document.  Only the President or Acting President of the college may give permission to leave campus which this information would be provided to all-campus.

Building reentry due to false alarms or mechanical detection do not indicate dismissal. Class and work will be reinstated as soon as possible with an all clear notification from either Campus Safety or Facilities Staff. 

Cliff Campus

Evacuation Site " Zone A" 2nd floor North/East side of Administration Bld by Health Technology to accommodate Administration Bld, Auto Quad and Marine Tech.

Evacuation Site "Zone B" East side courtyard of Student Service to accommodate the Student Service Bld, ECOC 1& 2, FRC and Physical Science Bld, ESL Bldg.

Evacuation Site "Zone C" (C1 and C2)
C1:  West Side of PS101 to accommodate the North side of the EBS Bld
C2: OE Bld & South/East side of the Bookstore to accommodate the South side of the EBS Bld, Bookstore, 1st floor of Campus Center and ECC Bldgs.

Evacuation Site "Zone D" Upper entrance of the stadium to accommodate the stadium field, PE Bld and ECC 41-44.  Very important to get to higher ground in case of a tsunami brought on by an earthquake.

Evacuation Site "Zone E" Near the International Office to accommodate the Humanities Bldg, ECOC 3 & 4, 1st & 2nd floor Campus Center, International Office and ECC Bldgs.

Evacuation Site "Zone F" West Campus grass lawn to accommodate all of the buildings on the West Campus.

Schott Campus "Zone A" North East area of room 31/Parkinglot.

Wake Campus "Zone A" Parking Lot 1 near front lawn

Wake Campus "Zone B" Parking Lot 3