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College Planning Council

Committee Purpose

The College Planning Council (CPC) serves as an advisory group to the Superintendent/President on fiscal, policy, and planning issues. Membership includes representatives from the college's administration, faculty, classified staff, bargaining groups, and students.

Please see the 2023-24 Calendar for dates and times of meetings. Meeting agendas and minutes can be found at BoardDocs.


Area of Representation
Erika Endrijonas Executive Committee, Chair (non-voting)
Paloma Arnold Executive Committee (non-voting)
Brian Fahnestock Executive Committee (non-voting)
Jordan Killebrew Executive Committee (non-voting)
Keller Magenau Executive Committee (non-voting)
Dean Nevins Executive Committee (non-voting)
Carola Smith Executive Committee (non-voting) 
Maria Villagomez Executive Committee (non-voting)
Tara Carter Academic Senate
Elizabeth Chisholm Academic Senate
William Dinklage Academic Senate
Patricia Mautone Academic Senate
Kim Monda  Academic Senate
Robert Brown Advancing Leadership Association
Roxane Byrne Advancing Leadership Association
Maureen McRae Goldberg Advancing Leadership Association
Elizabeth Imhof Advancing Leadership Association
Christina Llerena Advancing Leadership Association
Julie Samson Advancing Leadership Association
Sharon Remacle Associaton of Confidential Employees
Ryan Alexander Classified Staff
Liz Auchincloss Classified Staff
Michelle Detorie Classified Staff
Ashley Farias Classified Staff
Raquel Hernandez Classified Staff
Camerin Poulson Classified Staff
Jamie Campbell Faculty Association
Huy Dinh Associated Student Government
Elena Fuentes Associated Student Government
Sophia Kofoed Associated Student Government
Anastasia Savonov Associated Student Government
Elizabeth Wilmer Associated Student Government

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Meetings, Agendas, and Minutes

See upcoming meeting dates, and view agendas and minutes from previous meetings


Additional Resources

Committee files and documents available for view/download