Centennial Documentary

Images from the past and present of SBCCDuring fall 2009, SBCC film students William Conlin and Simon Freeman, with guidance from Candace Schermerhorn, faculty in the School of Media Arts, Guy Smith, Dean and Karen Sophiea, Director of Marketing and Publications, wrote and produced the first documentary commemorating SBCC’s centennial, "SBCC@100." The 25-minute documentary was screened on February 6, 2010 and February 8, 2010 as a part of the prestigious Santa Barbara International Film Festival. This film is a comprehensive record of the College’s founding, encompassing 1909 to the present. Source material includes photos and film clips from private collections, public archives and the College’s student newspaper The Channels. These materials come to life to tell the remarkable story of California’s progressive community college development, as well as the growth and growing prestige of Santa Barbara City College over time.

Features include:

• Archival footage of Hiram Johnson, California’s governor in the early 1900s, who advocated the establishment of regional junior colleges in California, and ensured passage of the laws creating community college districts to fund and administer the junior colleges.

• The evolution of SBCC's location, from 1909, when junior college classes occupied a few classrooms at Santa Barbara High School, to its downtown location, the Riviera location and ultimately, the current, beautiful mesa site since 1959.

• Photos of students, faculty and staff through various eras culled from newspapers, yearbooks and the College’s photo archive.

• Interviews with the leaders of SBCC who have led and shaped the College over the past 30 years--current Superintendent/ President Dr. Andreea Serban and former presidents Dr. Peter MacDougall and John Romo.

• First-person accounts of the College’s development from influential community supporters Leatrice Luria, Harold Thornton, Mike Towbes, Ron Werft, and Dr. Joe Dobbs, President of the SBCC Board of Trustees in 2009-10.

The film is posted here. We hope you will enjoy it!

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