Academic Senate Resolutions

Academic Senate Resolutions are PDF documents which have been made accessible to the best of our ability. If you encounter any difficulties, please contact Cristina Garcia-Otero

Resolution Title Date Status Response
Instructional Materials Cost for Students 5/11/2022 Approved 12 Y, 2 A,
2 N
Resolution for Spring 2022 Schedule 10/14/2021 Approved 10 Y, 5 A,
1 N
Resolution for Allowing More Voices at the Senate Table 12/09/2020 Approved 17 Y, 0 N
Academic Senate Resolution to Support Anti-Bias and Anti-Racism 04/24/2019 Approved 16 Y, 1 A
Resolution to Deploy Academic Senate Resources to Address Bullying and Harassment and Promote a Community of Respect 09/26/2018 Approved 17 Y, 0 N
Support for Using Existing Structures and Resources to Address Students’ Online Training Needs 02/28/2018 Approved 18 Y, 0 N
Issues to Address Regarding Two Summer Sessions 05/16/2016 Approved 16 Y, 1 A
 College Textbook Affordability  04/27/2016 Approved 18 Y, 0 N
 Process Program Location and Land Use Master Plan  03/25/2015 Approved 18 Y, 0 N