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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check if my Parent Consent Form is on file?

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Do you have a visual screenshot guide to the online SBCC application?

How do I pay my fees?

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How can I challenge a math, English, or foreign language prerequisite?

How can I petition to enroll in more units (maximum unit exception)?



What are the advantages of Dual Enrollment?

  • Earn your college degree in less time
  • Eliminate duplication of coursework between high school and college
  • Save Money! Concurrently enrolled students pay only minimal Health and Transportation fees, and an optional Parking fee.
  • Experience the college environment
  • Explore career fields before starting college

Can I receive both college and high school credit?

Yes. The student will earn both high school and college credit with the high school´s approval. If the student wishes to receive high school credit for a college class, a 3.0 unit or more one-semester college class will earn one semester of high school credit (5.0 credits). To determine how a college course fulfills a high school requirement, please see your high school counselor.  Academic college courses that meet the University of California 'a-g' requirements will be given a weighted grade point and ranking on the high school transcript at the discretion of the high school. 

How many courses may I take?

Dual Enrollment students are permitted to enroll in a maximum of 10.0 college units during the Fall or Spring Semesters. Seniors during their final semester may enroll in up to 12.0 units. The maximum allowed in summer is 8.0 units.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Under Education Code Section 76001, a Special full-time K-12 students (12.0 units or higher) may not be exempted from the enrollment fee; they may, however, be individually considered for the BOG Fee waivers Part A, B, or C. Those students who do not qualify for a BOG Fee Waiver will be required to pay the enrollment fee for all units. 

Who Can Participate in Dual Enrollment?

Santa Barbara City College allows eligible 9th - 12th grade students who are concurrently enrolled as a regular student in a public or private high school program, to enroll in most college courses in order to enrich their educational experience. The college does however, reserve the right to limit applications and class enrollments of students according to the policy of SBCC's governing board, administrative direction and departmental procedures.

May eligible 9th-12th grade students enrolled in a home school program participate in Dual Enrollment?

Yes. Eligible 9th-12th grade home school students may enroll as a Dual Enrollment student providing that they attach a copy of their Private School Affidavit with their Dual Enrollment Application and Approval Form. Every person, firm, association, partnership, or corporation offering or conducting a full-time day or boarding school at the elementary or high school level must file an Affidavit (California Education Code Section 33190). The online form required annually of private schools; links to related statutes, to the Private School Directory, and to Frequently Asked Questions about private schools is available at the California Department of Education website: http://www.cde.ca.gov/sp/ps/rq

Am I eligible for the Dual Enrollment Program if I am not in the 9th grade?

Students not eligible for the 9th grade who wish to attend SBCC during the Fall, Spring or Summer semesters must submit a Special Student Petition to the Director of Admissions for evaluation. All petition materials must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the semester the student wishes to attend. Late applications will not be considered.

What if I do not meet the criteria for eligibility for the Dual Enrollment Program?

A rigorous petition process must be completed by students seeking admission to SBCC who do not meet the criteria for other programs.  The petition must be submitted to the Director of Admissions for evaluation.  All petition materials must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the semester that the student wishes to attend.  Late petitions will not be considered.

Students not eligible for the 9th grade who wish to attend SBCC during the Fall, Spring, or Summer semesters: Click here.

Are there any courses that I would be restricted from taking?

Students may enroll in most college level courses, provided they meet the necessary prerequisites. The following classes may not be taken by high school students: English 60-100; Math 1-104; DSPS courses; Health 101 is open to students 17 years of age or older (Additional course restrictions may be included at the discretion of the college). All students planning to enroll in English or math classes must qualify on the basis of SBCC assessment tests. Click here for details and exemptions. 

Do Pre-requisites apply to Dual Enrollment students?

Yes. When a course has a pre-requisite requirement, it means that a student must possess a certain amount of pre-existing knowledge to be successful in the course. If the class you are registering in has a pre-requisite requirement, go to the Counseling Department located in the Student Services Building to complete and submit the Pre-Requisite Challenge Form, or download at www.sbcc.edu/prerequisite. The pre-requisite requirement must be cleared by the SBCC Counseling Department prior to course registration. There are no exceptions to this policy.

What if I want to add a class that was not indicated on my Approval Form?

Students will only be permitted to register for the course(s) that were indicated on the Dual Enrollment Approval form. If you would like to make a change or add a course that was not on the submitted form, you will need to complete a new Dual Enrollment Approval Form.

I'm trying to register for my class, but there is an error message telling me "Major Restriction Block"?

If you are receiving this message it typically means that you are trying to enroll in a course that was not approved on your Approval Form. Make sure that you are entering the right course. You may come into the Admissions & Records Department to verify the courses that you were approved for or call 805-965-0581 x7222 for assistance.

Can Dual Enrollment students enroll in "online" courses?

Yes, Dual Enrollment students are permitted to enroll in online courses provided that they meet course prerequisites. Students enrolling in online courses are required to pay the Health Fee.

How much do the courses cost?

High school students are not required to pay SBCC enrollment fees ($46 per unit). However, students taking courses on the SBCC Campus are required to pay a Health Fee and a Transportation Fee. Students taking courses online are only required to pay a Health Fee. Other costs, such as materials and books, are to be paid by the student.  For the current fees and how to pay, click here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If a student is only enrolled in classes on a high school campus, and does not come to SBCC for instruction, the Transportation and Health fees are waived.

If I have submitted my approval form for SBCC classes, is there anything else I need to do?

Yes.  Your counselor will need to approve your approval form. You will also need confirm that your parent consent form was submitted. Thirs, you will need to have an active SBCC application on file. If you are currently enrolled in an SBCC class, your application rolls over and you stay in active status. If you have missed a fall/spring term, you will need to apply to the college to reactivate your application. Finally, once all the steps are completed, you will need to log on to Pipeline to register for your classes.

For more information, contact the Dual Enrollment Office or your high school counselor.


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