Dual Enrollment

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A. Application

The application is now online. Please see Apply and Register. 

B. Parent Consent Form

Parents must complete an online Parent Consent Form (forma en español). This form grants parent approval for the duration of the student's high school years and can be rescinded at any time. 

C. Dual Enrollment Approval Form

For classes at SBCC or online (not at the high school), students must complete a Dual Enrollment Approval Form. Please have your high school counselor or administrator email address on hand. For instructions, please see step 4B on our ‘Apply & Register Classes at SBCC’ page linked on our navigation tab to the left.  

D. Petition: Dual Enrollment Request for Maximum Unit Exception

Dual Enrollment students demonstrating advanced scholastic standing may appeal SBCC BP 5120 to allow enrollment in a maximum of 15 units.  The petition must be submitted to the Dual Enrollment office for approval prior to the student being able to register in courses.  To download the petition click here.

E. Alternatives to Testing for Math, English, and Foreign Language and Prerequisite Challenges

Some classes at SBCC have prerequisites that you must meet prior to enrolling, such as English/math assessment or a beginning language level. If you have not taken the required prerequisite at SBCC but you have successfully completed an equivalent course (with a grade of "C" or better) at an external institution (ie. other college or high school, etc), or have approved test scores (AP or SAT) or credentials, you may meet an alternative to testing. Click here for more information and to download prerequisite challenge formsNOTE:  All external coursework (including high school classes) must be completed before challenging prerequisite and/or corequisites, no exceptions.
Students will not be allowed to temporarily enroll in any summer classes until the prerequisite and/or corequisite coursework is completed.

F. Petition: Special Student Petition for students not eligible to enter 9th grade

Minor students who are younger and not yet eligible for 9th grade based on age, can petition to attend SBCC by completing these conditions.

G. Late Add Petition

Use this form to request a late add. In order to be eligible for consideration of a late add, attendance in the course must have begun during the first two weeks of the semester (Fall/Spring) or the first week in Summer.  Click here for the form.

H. Petition for Pass/No Pass Grading Option

Complete this petition to request to take a course for Pass/No Pass instead of a letter grade. Take the completed form to your instructor for review and approval. Submit completed and approved petition to Admissions & Records PRIOR to the last day to submit Pass/No Pass Petitions (the end of the 5th week of the semester for full semester length classes). Click here to download the form. 

I. Waiver of College Regulations

Use this form to request: change of "F" to "W", "Incomplete" to "W", Late "Pass/No Pass", Refund, Extend an Incomplete, or Late Withdrawal. Official documentation is required to support your request. The official documentation should specifically explain the extenuating circumstances that require you to request a Waiver of College Regulations. Please read the entire form for specifics. Click here to download form.  

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