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Welcome to the Dual Enrollment Forms page.  On this page you will find the forms needed to enroll at SBCC as well as other important forms that may be required for specific courses.


Submit an online application to the college for your desired term. Please pay special attention to this application guide. It is very important that you answer the questions about 'Enrollment Information', 'Education,' and 'Supplemental Questions,' as shown in the guide. Failure to do so will result in delayed or inaccurate processing of your application.  

Approval Form

Download and print the Dual Enrollment Approval Form.  You will need to bring the form into to the Admissions Office prior to being able to register for your classes.  A new form is required for every semester that you wish to take a class.  Prior to submitting the form, make sure that you have completed the following:
1. Write in the approved courses and alternate courses in case your first choice is not available.
2. Have your high school counselor or principal sign the form.
3. Read Part D which is the Student Agreement and select one of the options for the reporting of your grade to your high school.
4. Sign the form.
5. Have your parent/guardian read the Parent Agreement and sign the form, even if you are over 18 years of age.
**Note: If any information on your Approval Form is missing or incomplete, it will not be processed and you will need to submit a new form. 

Petition: Dual Enrollment Request for Maximum Unit Exception

Dual Enrollment students demonstrating advanced scholastic standing may appeal SBCC BP 5120 which limits enrollment to a non-senior dual enrollment student to 10 semester units and seniors to a maximum of 12 units.  If approved, it would allow a Dual Enrollment student to enroll in a maximum of 12 units or a maximum of 3 courses.  The petition must be submitted to the Dual Enrollment office for approval prior to the student being able to register in courses.  To download the petition click here.

How to access Pipeline

To access Pipeline you will need to go to https://pipeline.sbcc.edu.  Once you are there, you will need to click on "Find Username".   Answer the questions and the system will provide you with your username and password.  For a copy of these directions, click here.

Prerequisite Form A

Some classes at SBCC have prerequisites that you must take prior to that class that you may want (ie. Span 102, FR 102, Math 160, etc).  If you have not taken the required prerequisite at SBCC but you have successfully completed an equivalent course (with a grade of "C" or better) at an external institution (ie. other college or high school, etc), have approved test scores (AP or SAT) or credentials you can submit Prerequisite Challenge Form A
NOTE:  All external coursework (including high school classes) must be completed before challenging prerequisite and/or corequisites, no exceptions.

Students will not be allowed to temporarily enroll in any summer classes until the prerequisite and/or corequisite coursework is completed.

For further information regarding prerequisite challenges, please visit their web page (click here).

Prerequisite Form B

This prerequisite form is for students who have not completed an equivalent course and meet one of these reasons click here.

Late Add Petition

Use this form to request a late add. In order to be eligible for consideration of a late add, attendance in the course must have begun during the first two weeks of the semester (Fall/Spring) or the first week in Summer.  Click here for the form.

Petition for Pass/No Pass Grading Option

Complete this petition to request to take a course for Pass/No Pass instead of a letter grade. Take the completed form to your instructor for review and approval. Submit completed and approved petition to Admissions & Records PRIOR to the last day to submit Pass/No Pass Petitions (the end of the 5th week of the semester for full semester length classes). Click here to download the form. 

Waiver of College Regulations

Use this form to request: change of "F" to "W", "Incomplete" to "W", Late "Pass/No Pass", Refund, Extend an Incomplete, or Late Withdrawal. Official documentation is required to support your request. The official documentation should specifically explain the extenuating circumstances that require you to request a Waiver of College Regulations. Please read the entire form for specifics. Click here to download form. 

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