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Fiscal Services

What We Do

The Fiscal Services department is comprised of three departments: Accounting, Payroll and Student Finance (Cashiers Office). We provide fiscal services to Faculty, Staff and Students at large.



Carlene Barrows (ext. 2565)

    • Mileage & Employee Reimbursements 
    • Travel/Conference forms/payments
    • Consultant Payments
    • Bookstore Transfers
    • Accounts Payable
    • Purchase Orders
    • Vendor Control

Drew Abrams (ext. 2795)

    • Accounts Payable
    • EOPS/Childcare Payments
    • Food Service Payments
    • Utility Payments
    • Check/Direct Deposit Processing

Cyndi Rogers (ext. 2441)

    • Cash Reconciliations
    • 1099/592 Reporting
    • District Credit Card Administration

Lisa Saunders (ext 2775)

    • Fiscal Reporting
    • Board Resolutions
    • Budget Control/Salary Projections
    • Expense/Budget Transfers
    • Sales Tax Returns

Tonya Yescas (ext. 2557)

    • Categorical Grant Control & Reporting
    • Categorical Board Resolutions

For other budget or accounting inquiries from staff or personnel email

Lyndsay Maas (ext. 2466)

James Zavas (ext. 2442)
Assistant Controller


For student inquiries about registration payments email

Barbara Bermudes (ext. 2387)
Student Finance Manager

Barbara Johnston (ext. 2796)

    • Accounts Payable
    • Student Finance
    • Trust Accounts

*Located at the Cashiers Office:

Pam Bishop (ext. 2510)

    • Parking
    • Trust Deposits
    • Cashier
    • Account Receivables

Sandy Ly (ext. 2397)

    • Student Refunds
    • Deposits
    • Cashier

Ana Carter (ext 2798)

    • Third Party Billings
    • Inter-Campus Deposits


Tracy Janecek (ext. 2342)
Payroll Manager

Estela Lopez (ext. 2305)
Classified/Hourly Payroll L-Z
Payroll Coordinator

Payroll Technicians:

Nancy Morales (ext. 2386)
Student Payroll A-Z

Joanne Hardarson (ext. 2794)
Classified/Hourly Payroll A-K

Gary James (ext. 2438)
Certificated Payroll A-Z 

Matthew Lorden (ext. 2226)
Employee Benefits/Payroll Deductions A-Z






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