Information Competency Requirement (Area F)

Ways to satisfy SBCC Information Competency, Area F, degree requirement:

Students who have not satisfied the Information Competency (IC), Area F, requirement at SBCC may petition this requirement by submitting a INFORMATION COMPETENCY, AREA F, GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS PETITION based on one of the following grounds: 

  • Option 1: Collaboration of external coursework satisfies information Competency Requirement (you have completed external coursework that meets the requirement):
    • You must attach DETAILED course syllabus or course of study outline and OFFICIAL Transcript(s) are required.
    • College-level coursework must be completed with a grade of C, Pass or Credit (where Pass and Credit are a C/2.0 or above).

  • Option 2: Completed Bachelor’s and/or Master’s degree from a regionally accredited institution, or approved substitute (Recency requirement: degree must be completed within 6 years of attending SBCC, as determined by your catalog rights): 
    • Petition Information Competency Requirement based on reason and OFFICIAL Transcript(s) are required. 

Students requesting to fulfill the Information Competency requirement using external coursework or degree MUST:

  1. Submit official transcripts to Admissions & Records. Your petition will not be processed if your official transcripts are not on file. Official transcripts are accepted from regionally accredited institutions. 
  2. Complete the online Information Competency Area F Graduation Requirements Petition.

  3. Attach the course syllabus or a detailed course of study outline that specifically lists the topics covered in the course from the term the course was completed. A catalog course description is not sufficient. 

  4. Submit your petition and course syllabus/outline using the online form, above.

If you need help filling out the form please see the Form Instructions. You can also reach out to for assistance.

After you submit your petition:

Requests are generally processed within twenty (20) business days of receipt of your completed form and all required documentation. This time frame excludes weekends, holidays, and campus closures and is subject to change without notification.  

Notifications and decisions are emailed to students at their SBCC Pipeline account.

In Person:


Admissions and Records
Student Services Building
1st Floor - Room SS-110

Transcript Evaluation Office
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