Student Equity and Achievement Committee

Welcome to the Student Equity and Achievement Committee (SEA)

Committee Charge: The Student Equity and Achievement Committee  is an Educational Progams, operational committee that will recommend and coordinate strategies that enhance student equity and student academic achievement. 

Reports to:  Assistant Superintendent / Vice-President of Student Affairs

2nd and 4th Monday of each month, 1:00 to 2:30 pm
The 2024-25 meetings will be held from September 9, 2024 through May 12, 2025

SEA Application and Resources

Minutes 2024-2025

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Purpose: The purpose of this committee is to align institutional goals and priorities for enhancing student equity and achievement on campus; improve implementation of goals and objectives related to student equity and achievement; increase communication and coordination to leverage resources to have a greater impact on student equity and achievement; minimize duplication of efforts; coordinate the data management for outcomes assessment and evaluation of the college's efforts to achieve student equity and achievement; and provide seamless delivery of services that support student equity and achievement.  Ed Code 78222(a)1

Committee Membership
As a result of consolidating the Student Equity and the Student Equity and Achievement Committees, which was completed last year, the SEA Committee will be discussing and updating the membership structureof the SEA Committee this fall. Any currently vacant positions will not be filled until the membership structure has been updated, approved, and established.

  1. Co-Chair, Assistant Superintendent / VP of Student Affairs - Paloma Arnold 
  2. Co-Chair, Academic Senate President or designee- Laurie Vasquez (DSPS & FRC)
  3. VP Appointments (2 Instructional Deans, 1 Student Services Dean)
     - Dean of Arts, Humanities, and Social Science -  Elizabeth Imhof
    -  Dean of Math and Sciences - Jens-Uwe Kuhn
    -  Dean of Student Affairs - Christina Llerena
  4. Academic Senate Appointments 
  5. Counseling Chair - Jennifer Hamilton
  6. Executive Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion - (vacant) and
    Director of Student Equity and Engagement Programs - Roxane Byrne (one vote)
  7. Director, Enrollment and Retention, Vanessa Pelton
  8. CSEA designee from Student Support Services
     -Kristy Pula, Student Success Coordinator
     -Sara Volle, Assessment/Placement Coordinator

     -Elizabeth Giles, Lead Transcript Analyst
  9.   TBD, Director of EOPS
  10. Assistant Superintendent / Vice President, School of Extended Learning (or designee), Monica Campbell (Designee)
  11. Associated Student Government appointment - TBD

Committee Resources (non-voting):
Academic Senate Liaison, Benjamin Reyes
Executive Director, Institutional Research & Planning: Keller Magenau
Human Resources representative, TBD
Fiscal Services representatives: Interim Assistant Controller, Nicole Hubert, and Tonya Yescas

(Members joining from previous Student Equity Committee):
1. Co-Chair, Faculty - Vacant
2. Co-Chair, Director of Student Equity and Engagement Programs - Roxane Byrne
3. Faculty Representatives:
     - Andrew Gil, Academic Counseling
     - Jennifer Maupin, Biological Sciences
     - (Vacant)
4. CSEA Representatives:
     - Akil Hill, Senior Admissions & Records Technician
     - Chelsea Lancaster, Student Program Advisor EOPS/CARE/CalWORKS
     - Julio Martinez, Media Technician, Learning Resource Center
5. ALA Representatives:
     - (Vacant)
     - Maureen McRae Goldberg, Director of Financial Aid
6. Advisory Representatives
     - Elizabeth Imhof, Dean of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
     - Margaret Prothero, Guided Pathways Faculty Coordinator
     - Kyle Rasmussen, Veterans Program Coordinator
     - TBD, Director of EOPS
     - Jordan Killebrew, Executive Director of Public Affairs & Communications
    -  Lelia Richardson, Umoja Program Advisor
     - Keller Magenau, Executive Director, Institutional Research and Planning
     - TBD, Academic Senate Liaison

SEA - SEC Consolidation Document (consolidation approved - on CPC March 1 minutes)