Frequently Asked Questions

Notification is sent to students via their pipeline email account at the end of the fall and spring semesters once grades have been officially recorded.  It is important that students regularly check their pipeline email for these critical notifications. Students can also check their academic status at the end of the semester by going to the “Student Records” tab in their pipeline account.

Yes, there are a number:

  1. Students who receive financial aid are strongly encouraged to speak with their Financial Aid Advisor to see how their academic standing may affect their financial aid.

  2. Students on probation must meet with their academic counselor. Click here for more information

  3. After two consecutive semesters of substandard academic performance students will lose their priority registration.

When a student withdraws from a class, the student’s official record will reflect a grade of “W” for that class. If the percentage of the cumulative units of “W” (and/or “I” or “No Pass”) reaches or exceeds 50% of all units attempted, the student will be placed on progress probation.

Unfortunately, the method used for determining academic status does not distinguish between academic goals. We are required to inform all students when they fall into a probationary or dismissal category. If you receive a dismissal notification you will be given an opportunity to explain your personal situation through the appeal process.

Students are strongly encouraged to schedule an appointment with an Academic Counselor to discuss issues that are interfering with academic success.  In this meeting, students can obtain referrals and/or discuss personal challenges, changes in family needs, work conflicts, course selection, educational goals, or any concerns that might be getting in the way of academic success.  Students can also visit Student Health Services for personal /mental health counseling.

A student who is placed on dismissal may submit a written appeal in compliance with administrative procedures. Dismissal may be postponed and the student may be allowed to enroll in the next semester if the student’s appeal is approved.  The appeal form (Petition for Reinstatement) is sent out with the dismissal notification via students’ pipeline email account at the end of the fall and spring semesters.  It is critical that students regularly check their pipeline email account and submit the appeal before the deadline.