SBCC marketing major

Welcome to the Marketing Program

About Our Program

Marketing courses are designed to lead people to job opportunities in the fields of advertising, marketing, retail sales, wholesaling and international marketing. Concepts of planning and developing products and services are emphasized, along with studies of packaging, distribution and government regulations.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Explain general management functions, roles and responsibilities required to effectively manage today's contemporary organizations.
  2. Recognize the ethical issues facing managers and apply decision-making techniques and ethical reasoning to resolve 21st century ethical dilemmas.
  3. Work effectively in teams and appreciate the meaning of mutual responsibility.
  4. Access and interpret information, respond and adapt to a dynamic business environment, make complex decisions, solve problems, and evaluate outcomes.

Department Offices

Division: Business Education
Department Chair: Julie Ann Brown | Office: BC-219 |  Phone: 805-730-2508
Dean: Carola Smith | Office: BC-216 | Phone: 805-730-4043
Administrative Assistant: Grace Twedt | Office: BC-215 | Phone: 805-730-8749