Institutional Effectiveness

An important part of the mission of the Office of Institutional Assessment, Research, and Planning is to "promote awareness of our effectiveness as an institution." One of the primary high-level measures of the College's effectiveness is the progress made towards the Strategic Directions and Strategic Goals set forth in the Educational Vision Plan (EVP), as documented annually in the EVP Progress Reports (see Planning and Governance section). Included in this strategic planning is the setting of numeric goals and standards for metrics on student progress and outcomes, fiscal viability, accreditation status, and compliance with federal and state guidelines. 

The Institutional Effectiveness Committee was formed in 2014 as a forum for the analysis and discussion of student outcome and achievement data, setting numeric goals and standards, and to stimulate awareness and dialog around these topics throughout the campus community.

Each year, the College sets short-term and long-term goals chosen from a framework of indicators developed by the Chancellor's Office Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative (IEPI). See the IEPI website for more details.

Each year, the College develops Institution-Set Standards, defined as the lowest acceptable threshold for a given metric, below which we seek causes and remedies. The Institution-Set Standard for a given metric is currently defined as the 5-year trailing average of the metric.