End of Term Checklist

Here's a list of tasks that most faculty need to complete at the end of each semester or term. All of them require that you enter your Pipeline ID and password:

  1. - Enter Positive attendance (if required) in Pipeline

  2. - Enter Final Grades (video) in Banner.  Admissions has another page with more detail about grades.
    After submission you only have a short time to alter grades.  After grades are locked you need to email faculty support in Admissions and Records.

  3. - Enter SLO scores and Reflection in eLumen

  4. - Submit "Grade Packet" online in Pipeline

  5. - Submit a copy of your Syllabus (you may have done this at the start of the term.
    Windows users: press Control + P on your keyboard, choose PDF as your printer
    Mac users: press Command + on your keyboard, choose PDF as your printer

  6. - Check Flex Hours in Vision Resource Center (help videos)

Start of Semester Checklist:

  • Copy content from previous semester, shift due dates, 
  • Convert classic quizzes to new quizzes
  • Allow Canvas Syllabus to be publicly viewed 
    • Update or remove announcements (All announcements that are not delayed will be sent out to students when the course is published.)
  • Schedule announcement to students (Welcome and Syllabus)
    • Check for broken links - Settings - Validate Links in Content
    • Run PopeTech for accessibility (for use later)
    • Confirm due dates - Calendar and/or assignments area
      • Check written dates on home page and module titles
    • Update DSPS info in syllabus
    • Update Zoom link, if needed
    • Publish your class
      • Make sure items and modules are published (or not published)
        • Set to auto publish on a date
  • View as Student
  • Adding meeting time(s) to first emails and banner. Develop a communication plan with your students (how often will they hear from you).
  • If the course uses Respondus, make sure you have instructions in your course
  • Update zoom (other software)
  • Restart your computer

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