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Canvas (Instructure) is the college's learning management system. It houses the majority of online, hybrid, and blended courses at the college. The Canvas Guide for Instructors contains many step-by-step guides and videos that help faculty complete common tasks in Canvas.

Canvas provides a web page to indicate the status of its system and any potential, intermittent problems with its toolset.

These additional links below are to resources we've developed or have been developed by the California Community College's online training unit - @ONE. Over time we will be developing and adding more resources to address SBCC faculty members' specific questions not addressed in Canvas help. Note, there is a direct link (see icon below) to Canvas instructor and student help in the Canvas toolbar after you log into Canvas.

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SBCC Faculty Resource Center Canvas Guides

@ONE and OEI (California Community College Resources)

Canvas Community Shared Resources (International/National)

Online Discussion Strategies


DSPS Accommodations in Canvas

How to add extra time on a quiz.

How to adjust due date/time for a single (or few) students. (quiz, assignment, or discussion)

  • Who should request
    Faculty developing a new course that has never been offered before
    Departments/Programs who are looking for a place to create interactive training
    Faculty on sabbatical who need a space to create or test new content
    Departments/Programs who need a space to host information for students that is not related to a single course
    Faculty who want to test a new publisher or tool that requires an LTI set up by SBCC
    When not to request
    If you want to work on your course for next term, you should wait until courses are created by banner.
    If you want a place to play or try something
    Faculty (anybody really) can make an account at https://canvas.instructure. com/login/canvas (click create an account in the upper right).  Here you can make shells you can work on that are outside the SBCC framework, and import and work on your material there.  Then in the future you can download that and import it into an SBCC class.   
    You can also view an exported course file by using this website: (no account needed)
    How to request 
    email with the following
    your name
    pipeline email
    name of course you are requesting
    reason for needing a sandbox course
    end date of sandbox (when can we remove it)