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Design Courses


Adobe Lightroom Essentials | MATW NC010 | Students will learn the basics of the Lightroom software, learning to manage libraries of files and to increase the quality of their photos and videos using editing techniques

Digital Cameras, Digital Photos | PHOW NC001 | Students learn the basics of photography, the features of digital cameras, how to take better digital photos, and how to correct common photo problems using photo editing software.

Digital Design Techniques | GDPW NC001 | Students learn how to create flyers, brochures, logos and more using Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign programs from the Adobe CS suite.

Introduction to Adobe Illustrator | GDPW NC010 | Students learn to create illustrations, logos, etc., using Illustrator from the Adobe CS suite. Completion of class assignments allows students to practice and demonstrate skills needed to design quality products.

Introduction to Dreamweaver | MATW NC001 | Students learn to create profession Website using HTML and CSS cascading style sheets. Basic knowledge of PC or Mac and internet navigation skills recommended.

Lightroom Classic 1 | PHOW NC003 | Students learn to use the Adobe Lightroom Classic library module. Focuses on learning the necessary tools to catalog, file name, organize and backup photographic files. Students master importing into a catalog from camera, existing computer image files as well as from scanned prints and negatives.

Lightroom Classic 2 | PHOW NC004 | Students learn to use the Adobe Lightroom Classic develop module and process and develop photographic files. Skills covered include cropping, color correcting, enhancing and exporting image files for various final uses. Focuses on learning the necessary tools to develop digital photographic files.

Lightroom Classic 3 | PHOW NC005 | Students learn to use the Adobe Lightroom Classic Map, Slideshow, Book and Print Modules. Participants learn to print, create a slideshow and design a book with their photographic files.

Photoshop | MAT NC003 | Class teaches the basic tools and techniques for creating, enhancing and collaging images using Photoshop for the PC and Mac. Students will practice new skills in a lab setting.

Photoshop for Digital Photographers | PHOW NC002 | Focuses on the capabilities of Photoshop for the PC and Mac, including advanced layering, composition and retouching techniques. Familiarity with Photoshop on the PC or Macintosh recommend.

Photoshop for Web Design | MATW NC005 | This course provides students with basic tools and techniques in Photoshop to create images, type and graphic in web design

Photoshop Overview | GDPW NC005 | This introductory course offers an overview of Photoshop tools and functionality to discover the creative potential of image editing. Students will become familiar with the Photoshop window, tools, and main menu bar.  The class will cover opening and saving files, image compositing and collage, selections, layer and image correction.

Producing a Digital Newsletter | GDPW NC041 | This course concentrates on applying basic skills in Adobe InDesign to format and produce newsletters for fixed and digital formats. Students are given guidance in creating a newsletter prototype while working in a computer lab facility.

Producing a Digital Magazine | GDPW NC042 | This course concentrates on applying essential techniques to format magazines and their covers using Adobe InDesign.

Responsive Web Design | MATW NC007 | Discover how to design and structure your web site content to be more readable and efficient on multiple devises using responsive web site techniques and Dreamweaver's fluid grid layout framework and media queries.

Web Coding Fundamentals | MATW NC006 | Students learn how to write HTML, understand HTML5, and turn a design created in Photoshop into a web site in Dreamweaver and learn to us jQuery to add interactivity to web pages.