NAGT Conference Spring 2016

April 1-3, 2016

Many thanks to you all who joined us in Santa Barbara for the NAGT Conference. It was great fun meeting so many of you and sharing our mutual love of earth science. Until the next meeting!

Join us in beautiful (and geologically interesting) Santa Barbara for an informative and fun filled weekend exploring the local geology through field trips, talks, and an interactive workshop. Come discover how much this beautiful stretch of California coastline has to offer for the Earth Science enthusiast! 


Fri. 4/1, 5:30 pm - Check-in and walk up registration, Campus Center, Santa Barbara City College 

• Fri. 4/1, 6:00 pm - Friday evening drinks & hors d'oeuvres, Campus Center, SBCC


• Fri. 4/1, 7:30 pm, Diane Evans – Eyes on Earth; JPL Director of Earth Science and Technology; speaking on the past, present, and future of how we study earth from space. Physical Sciences Building (PS 101)


Sat. 4/2, 7:15 am, EBS 115

SATURDAY ALL-DAY FIELD TRIPS (Sat. 4/2, 8:00 AM) EBS loading dock

Tectonic Geomorphology of the Santa Barbara Fold/Thrust Belt, led by Dr. Ed Keller and Dr. Larry Gurrola; Learn about the on-going interaction between compressive tectonic forces and erosion that shape our beautiful coastal plain. Plus insights into earthquake history and hazards!

Geology of the Santa Barbara Backcountry Transect from the Transverse Range to the Coast Range, led by Dr. Robert Gray; Study the Cretaceous to Miocene stratigraphy and complex compressional and lateral structures of the region. Vehicle access to beautiful and normally inaccessible areas, including Gibraltar Reservoir and parts of the backcountry.

Geology of the Point Sal Ophiolite Complex, led by Dr. Jeffrey Meyer; See one of the best-preserved and exposed cross-sections of the ocean crust in the US. Early registration is required to obtain access onto Vandenberg Air Force Base.


• Sat. 4/2, 6:00 pm - Santa Maria style BBQ, Campus Center, SBCC


• Sat. 4/2, 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm Walk through our department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, see our classrooms, and how we do earth sciences! EBS 1st floor


• Sat. 4/2, post dinner ~8:00 pm James Norris - Racetrack Playa, Mystery Solved ; Dr. James Norris has lead the team that in 2013 solved a decades-long geologic mystery. How do rocks weighing up to 400 kg slide across a dry lakebed in Death Valley? Physical Sciences Building (PS 101)


• Sun. 4/3, 7:15 am, EBS 115

SUNDAY 1/2 DAY FIELD TRIPS / WORKSHOPS (Sun. 4/3, 7:30 and 8:00 AM) EBS loading dock

Landslides in Sycamore Canyon and La Conchita; led by Dr. William Dinklage; Investigating slumping and debris flows, and attempts to remediate them, in the (unstable) Santa Barbara – Carpinteria area. Departure time: 8:00 AM 

Science Discovery Workshop; Gain ideas for your own projects. Numerous student-guided interactive displays, including our new 3D “Augmented Reality” topographic sandbox! Also, special guest Tanya Atwater with her geo-educational toys and videos. EBS 1st Floor

• Tour of the Santa Barbara Oil and Gas Seeps ; led by Dr. Stephanie Mendes  (UCSB/SBCC) and Chris Peltonen (Venoco) ; Visit and explore the world’s largest and best studied natural oil and gas seep field, Coal Oil Point. Sponsored by Venoco, Inc. 7:30 AM departure from EBS loading dock.

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